Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yellow-breasted Chat at Alaksen!!! (Ladner, BC)

Found on Nov 30th by Pete Davidson and the CWS crew--from the office window!

[Photo: Tak Shibata]

Dec 3rd update from Pete:
"The YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT showed well occasionally this afternoon (from about
midday til just before 3pm) along the wooden fenceline and in adjacent grass
tussocks behind the main building and around the annex. It was much more
elusive in its behaviour today than on previous days, and went "missing" for
long periods.

NOTE: Alaksen NWA is closed to the public on weekends, and no special access
arrangements have been made for this weekend. It will re-open again on Monday
at 7.30am, and be open daily 0730-1600 through next week. We'll send out an
update on the chat's status on Monday.

A big thank you to everyone who's been to look for the chat this week - the
'twitch' has gone down very well, everyone's been exemplary in their behaviour,
and a special thank you to the generous photographers who provided doughnuts on
Wednesday!" --Pete Davidson, Bird Studies Canada

Check COMMENTS BELOW for subsequent sightings and details...


  1. Made a brief appearance today (Dec 6th) in the early afternoon.

  2. Bird still present as of this morning (Dec 7th)--Christopher Dicorrado

  3. Bird seen again today in the morning (Dec8th)-- very skulky but seems content with his surroundings.

  4. DEC 10--bird still being seen (Mike Yip et al.)