Okanagan, Interior and the Kootenays

To report rare bird sightings and submit photographs for this page, please email Chris Charlesworth at c_charlesworth23@hotmail.com.

Recent sightings:

LESSER GOLDFINCHES ( at least 3 males and 1 female)
Location: Across from 19610 Kruger Mtn Rd in Osoyoos. Also along Old Richter Pass Road, between Hwy 3 and Kruger Mtn Road. See main page for directions
Reported: July 15 to August 15 (David M. Bell, m.obs).
1 of 4 Lesser Goldfinches in Osoyoos on July 15, 2018.  Photo: David M. Bell.
Prairie Falcon (1 immature)
Location: Bench Row Road, Vernon.
Reported: August 14 (Jack VanDyk).
Prairie Falcon. Vernon, BC. Aug 14, 2018. Photo: Jack VanDyk

Stilt Sandpiper (1)
Location: In muddy oxbow along west side of the Okanagan River, adjacent to the Penticton airport. Area is accessible from the river channel dyke trail, about 700 meters north of Hwy 97.
Reported: August 13 (Dick Cannings).

Short-billed Dowitcher (1 adult) 
Location: Flooded field just to the south of Robert Lake in Kelowna. Also present 5 adult Long-billed Dowitchers.
Reported: August 6 & 7 (Chris Charlesworth, m.obs).

Clark's Grebe (1) 
Location: Gellatly Bay in West Kelowna. Observed from the mouth of Powers Creek as well as the off-leash dog beach to the east., where it has been spending most of its time.
Reported: June 29 to July 21 (Josh Sullivan, Kirsten Pearson and Moireen Cary, m.obs)
Clark's Grebe in West Kelowna. June 2018. Photo: Kalin Ocana.

Location: Residential area along Lapp Road in Golden. See home page for map to exact location.
Reported: July 2 to 19 (Glenn Harasym).
Male Indigo Bunting in Golden, BC. July 2018. Photo: Jeremy Gatten.

Franklin's Gull (1 first year)
Location: Sandbar on Okanagan Lake near Eldorado Hotel in Kelowna.
Reported: July 17 (Logan Lalonde).

Band-tailed Pigeon (1)
Location: Peachland. Trepanier Bench Road, about 500 meters west of Paradise Valley Road.
Reported: July 16 (Chris Charlesworth).

Yellow-breasted Chat (1)
Location: On Rosedale Rd by the Park and Ride just south of the bridge on Hwy 3A in Castlegar.
Reported: June 3 to July 16 (Paul Prappas et al., m.obs).
Directions: Access the trails via Rosedale Rd on Campus Rd and on down to the end of Welsh Rd. Walk the trail to your left. The bird is vocal and in the thickets on the downward slope.
Yellow-breasted Chat in Castlegar - Photo: Craig Sandvig

Rock Wren (2)
Location: HERE - Newgate
Reported: June 16 to July 11 (Alan Barnard et al.).
Rock Wren in Newgate - Photo: Alan Barnard.

Location: S.E. end of Columbia Lake, near Canal Flats in the Kootenays. See main page for more details.
Reported: July 5 (Gord Littlejohns).
BC's second Curve-billed Thrasher. Columbia Lake, BC. July 5, 2018. Gord Littlejohns.

Gray Flycatcher (1)

Location: (Coordinates: 49.9227,-120.7750), Along Kane Valley Road, near Aspen Grove. Apparent first record for the Nicola Watershed, though Okanagan breeding birds are a mere 80 km away.

Reported: July 5 (Wayne Weber).

Magnolia Warbler (1)
Location: East end of Rail Trail at Summit Lake off Hwy 6 in Nakusp.
Reported: June 10 to 30 (Gary Davidson et al.).

Rock Wren (1)

Location: From the Fort Steele Store, drive east about 0.2 km on Ft Steele-Wardner Rd, & drive 2 km north up Wildhorse Ck FSR. Turn left on dirt road which continues heading N along base of Brewery Ridge. This bald ridge was burned twice and is grassy with few trees. Take first hard right switchback, drive several hundred meters, and park where road switches back to N. Walk cross country to E gradually gaining elevation and listen for bird singing. The road is ok for 2wd but must have high clearance. 
Reported: June 27 (Daryl Nahm et al.).

Arctic Tern (1)
Location: S.E. end of Shumway Lake on Hwy 5a, near Kamloops.
Reported: June 25 (Chris Charlesworth, m.obs).

Arctic Tern. Shumway Lake, Kamloops, BC. June 25, 2018. Photo: Chris Charlesworth

Forster's Tern (2)
Location: Breakwater at end of the wharf in Salmon Arm, with gulls.
Reported: June 23 (Chris Charlesworth, m.obs).

Swamp Sparrow (1)
Location: East end of Rail Trail at Summit Lake off Hwy 6 in Nakusp.
Reported: June 18 (Warren Flesaker).

Brewer's Sparrow (1)
Location: Hawthornes of the east field at Selkirk College Trails in Castlegar
Reported: June 14 (Max Gotz, m.obs).

Broad-winged Hawk (1)
Location: Flying over Burma Rd in Fernie
Reported: June 13 (Laura Kaye).

Whimbrel (1)
Location: North end of Otter Lake in Vernon.
Reported: June 8 (Chris Siddle).

Alder Flycatcher (1)
Location: Singing below Helmcken Falls Lodge in Clearwater.
Reported: June 8 (Max Gotz).

Brewer's Sparrow (1)
Location: On fence wire at the Capital News Centre in Kelowna.
Reported: June 7 (Mike Force and Judy Harrold).

Broad-winged Hawk (1)
Location: Hwy 6, 1.4 km north face lookout in Silverton.
Reported: June 6 (Gary Davidson).
Map to location HERE

Lark Sparrow (1)
Location: 2 km from US border on the west side of Koocanusa Lake in Newgate.
Reported: June 4 (Alan Barnard and Mike Bentley).
Lark Sparrow in Newgate, BC. June 4, 2018. Photo: Alan Barnard.

Northern Mockingbird (1)
Location: On Channel Rd, North of the two 90 degree turns along the marsh pond restoration area at the pullout, before getting to Duck Lake in Creston.
Reported: June 4 (Hardy D.).
Map to location HERE
Northern Mockingbird in Creston, BC. June 4, 2018. Photo: Hardy D./Macaulay Library

Blackpoll Warbler (1 singing male)
Location: Salmon Arm along Christmas Island Trail. Bird was in the trees about 50 meters before trail is flooded and unpassable.
Reported: June 2 (Chris Charlesworth, m.obs).

Franklin's Gull (1 adult)
Location: Salmon Arm Pier.
Reported: June 2 (Chris Charlesworth, m.obs).

Rose-breasted Grosbeak (1 male)
Location: Singing along Columbia River in Spillimacheen in the East Kootenays.
Reported: May 31 (Rachel Darvill).

Location: At 7:30am on May 28, 2018, bird was found on the lake side of the airport fence in Nelson. The flycatcher was relocated by Craig Sandvig and Max Gotz at 10:30am on power lines near the Regional school district buildings and the UHaul trailer storage building. It then flew over the airport terminal building and landed on the power lines behind the city works yard. They last saw it in a cottonwood there and Sarah York relocated it there at 2pm.
Reported: May 28 (Julia Cedar, m.obs).
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher. Nelson, BC. May 28, 2018. Photo: Craig Sandvig.

Franklin's Gull (1 adult)
Location: Tunkwa Lake, near Logan Lake.
Reported: May 27 (Rick Howie).

Rose-breasted Grosbeak (1 male)
Location: Feeder at private residence in South Bench, off Hwy 95, south of Golden.
Reported: May 27 (D. Oseychuk).
Rose-breasted Grosbeak. South Bench, BC. May 27, 2018. Photo: D. Oseychuk.

Location: Near Nakusp. Hwy 6 crosses Bonanza Creek at the spot where Summit Rd meets the highway. There is a parking area on the south side of the highway here. Then walk along the marked Nakusp and Slocan Railway Trail. Note that the trail is flooded in places at the moment, wear boots. 
Reported: May 27 (Gary Davidson, et al).
Northern Parula, Nakusp, BC. May 27, 2018. Photo: Gary Davidson.

Location: Speers Road Pond in Creston. Be aware that the pond is shrinking and may be gone by the end of the week.
Reported: 7:30 AM, May 26 to 27 (Paul Prappas, et al).

White-faced Ibis. Creston, BC. May 26, 2018. Photo: Paul Prappas.

Caspian Tern (2)
Location: Airport Ponds in Revelstoke.
Reported: May 24 (Don Manson).
Caspian Terns. Revelstoke, BC. May 24, 2018. Photo: Don Manson.

Great Egret (1)
Location: Road 22 parking lot near information kiosk. In flooded fields.
Reported: May 23 to 25 (Warren Cronan, m.obs).

Great Egret, Road 22, Osoyoos, BC. May 22, 2018. Photo: Warren Cronan.

Broad-winged Hawk (1 adult light morph)
Location: Sidley Mountain Road, between Rock Creek and Bridesville. Flying north.
Reported: May 21 (Michael Force, Jon Carter, m.obs).

Rose-breasted Grosbeak (1 male)
Location: Private residence in Grand Forks.
Reported: May 17 (Karen Almstrom)

Location: 460 Auburn Crescent in Princeton
Reported: May 12 (Edward Lahaie).
Male Lesser Goldfinch in Princeton, BC. May, 12, 2018. Photo: Edward Lahaie.

Franklin's Gull (1)
Location: Adult in breeding on oxbow at Selkirk College Trails in Castlegar
Reported: May 8 to 9 (Craig Sandvig).
Franklin's Gull at Selkirk College Trails in Castlegar,BC. May 9, 2018. Photo. Craig Sandvig.

Location: A male Hudsonian Godwit in the flooded field southwest of the little bridge at Deep Creek along Larkin Cross Rd. between Vernon and Armstrong at 2:30 PM. Also with it were two Long-billed Dowitchers (dowitcher ID by peeping vocalizations). Field is private property so use a scope. Bird was quite shy and flushed 50 m south when we first stopped the car to park at the little field entrance on the west side of the bridge.
Reported: May 7 to 9 (Chris Siddle, m.obs)
Male Hudsonian Godwit (left) with Long-billed Dowitchers. Vernon, BC. May 7, 2018. Photo: Chris Siddle.

Location: With Snow Geese at Galena Bay on Upper Arrow Lake.
Reported: May 6 (Catherine McLean).
Ross's Geese and Snow Geese. Galena Bay, BC. May 6, 2018. Photo: Catherine McLean.

Location: Elizabeth Lake in Cranbrook
Reported: May 5 (Bobby Dailey).
1 of 7 White-faced Ibis at Elizabeth Lake in Cranbrook. Photo: Bobby Dailey.

Location: Mouth of Mission Creek in Kelowna.
Reported: May 5 (Rhonda Schurian et al.)
White-faced Ibis, Kelowna, BC. May 5, 2018. Photo: Kalin Ocana.

Location: In agricultural field off the East dyke near Channel Rd at Duck Lake - Creston
Reported: May 1-2 (Blaire Smith, m.obs).
Ross's Geese at Duck Lake in Creston, May 2, 2018. Photo: Marc-Andre Beaucher.

Grasshopper Sparrow (1)
Location: Grassy fields to east of College Oxbow in Castlegar.
Reported: Apr 30-May 1 (Craig Sandvig).
Grasshopper Sparrow. College Oxbow. Castlegar, BC. Apr 30, 2018. Photo: Craig Sandvig.

Common Redpoll (1)
Location: Private Home in Cranbrook
Reported: May 1 (Bobby Dailey)

Harris's Sparrow (1)
Location: Elizabaeth Lake in Cranbrook
Repored: Apr 30 (Bobby Dailey).

Black-necked Stilt (1)
Location: Salmon Arm Foreshore.
Reported: Apr 30 (Don Cecile).

Black-necked Stilt (15)
Location: Flooded farm field along Bulrush Road, at the N. end of Tucelnuit Lake in Oliver.
Reported: Apr 27 (Ian Kelshaw).
Black-necked Stilts. Oliver, BC. Apr 27, 2018. Photo: Ian Kelshaw.

Black-necked Stilt (2)
Location: White Lake, OK Falls.
Reported: Apr 27 (Alan Burger).
Black-necked Stilts. White Lake, OK Falls, BC. Apr 27, 2018. Photo: Alan Burger.

Location: Nighthawk Road, off Hwy 3, west of Osoyoos.
Reported: Apr 26 (Mark McAnally).
Loggerhead Shrike. Nighthawk Road, Osoyoos, BC. Apr 26, 2018. Photo: Mark McAnally.

Forster's Tern (2)
Location: Mud Bay at Maude Roxby. Foot of Francis Avenue in Kelowna.
Reported: April 26 (Logan Lalonde, m.obs).
Forster's Tern. Maude Roxby Bird Sanctuary, Kelowna, BC. Apr 26, 2018. Photo: Jesse Hannebauer.

Black-necked Stilt (2)
Location: Mud Bay at Maude Roxby Bird Sanctuary. Foot of Francis Ave in Kelowna.
Reported: April 26 (Elke Fischer, m.obs).
Black-necked Stilts. Maude Roxby Bird Sanctuary, Kelowna, BC. Apr 26, 2018. Photo: Jesse Hannebauer.

Black-necked Stilt (1)
Location: Tranquille - Kamloops.
Reported: May 22 & 23 (Isaac Nelson).

Yellow-billed Loon (1 adult alternate plumage)
Location: Okanagan Lake off Okanagan Mountain Park, south of Kelowna. Bird seen from Lakeshore Road at Boulder Trail parking lot at 3:30 PM. A scope would help.
Reported: Apr 22 (Logan Lalonde).
Yellow-billed Loon. Okanagan Mountain Park, Kelowna, BC. Apr 22, 2018. Photo: Logan Lalonde.

Red-throated Loon (1 imm)
Location: Okanagan Lake off Okanagan Mountain Park, south of Kelowna. Bird seen from Lakeshore Road at Boulder Trail parking lot at 3:30 PM. A scope would help.
Reported: Apr 22 (Logan Lalonde).


Location: 1 in yard of home on 11th Ave S in Cranbrook (Please view from street only contact RBA for viewing details). Previously seen at Joseph Creek in Cranbrook at the same location as the Northern Cardinal; 213, 17 Ave N. See main page.
Reported: Dec 9 to Apr 20 (Ryan Tomlinson & Chris Charlesworth. m.obs).

Location: 1 in yard of private home on Yarrow Rd in Elko (Not open to public)
Reported: Jan 2 to Mar 19 (Brad Eckersley & Bob Livsey, m.obs)

Brown Thrasher. Cranbrook, BC. Jan 31, 2018. Photo: Greg Ross

Black-necked Stilt (1)
Location: Shuswap Lake, Salmon Arm Foreshore.
Reported: Apr 17 (Jim Walton, et al).
Black-necked Stilt. Salmon Arm Foreshore. Apr 17, 2018. Photo: Roger Beardmore.

Black-necked Stilt (3)
Location: Lakeside Park in Nelson.
Reported: Apr 15 (Paul Prappas, et al)

Harris's Sparrows
Location: 3 birds, at feeder and along path between the S. end of Burtch Road and Munson Pond in Kelowna. At least one bird remains to Apr 6.
Reported: Nov 17 to April 6 (Pam Laing, m.obs).
Imm. Harris's Sparrow in Fernie. Jan 18, 2018. Photo: Alan Barnard

Lesser Black-backed Gull (1 adult)
Location: Shuswap Lake in Salmon Arm, just west of the pier.
Reported: Mar 25 (Ted Hillary).

Red-throated Loon (1 immature)
Location: Okanagan Lake in West Kelowna. First seen swimming with 2 Common Loons from Green Bay, and later seen off private residence beach in Sunnyside Road neighborhood.
Reported: Mar 12 (Chris Charlesworth).

Black Scoter (1 female / immature type)
Location: In with mixed waterfowl flock on Okanagan Lake, seen from Green Bay in West Kelowna.
Reported: Mar 11 (Logan Lalonde).

Lesser Black-backed Gull (1 adult)
Location: Sandbar at mouth of Vernon Creek at Okanagan Landing, Vernon.
Reported: Mar 10 to 12 (Chris Siddle, et al).
Lesser Black-backed Gull. Okanagan Landing, Vernon. Mar 10, 2018. Photo: Chris Siddle.

Hermit Thrush (1)
Location: Brandt's Creek near Rotary Marsh in downtown Kelowna.
Reported: Feb 12 to Mar 5 (Nick Swan, m.obs).
Hermit Thrush. Brandt's Creek, Kelowna, BC. Feb 13, 2018. Photo: Kalin Ocana

Location: Feeder in yard on 13 Ave S  in Cranbrook. See home page for viewing details.
Reported: Nov 7 to Feb 27 (Katrin Powell & Greg Ross, m.obs).
Northern Cardinal. Cranbrook, BC. Nov 7, 2017. Photo: Katrin Powell / Greg Ross.

RBA: WINTER WREN (3rd record for the Okanagan Valley)
Location: Scenic Canyon, along Mission Creek in Kelowna. From the parking lot at the Hollywood Road South entrance, take main trail upstream. Proceed about 200 meters, down a hill and you'll find a spring running down the hillside to the east. The Winter Wren, and several Pacific Wrens were on both sides of the path around the spring and around the small 'Trout Pond' and concrete pumphouse. This is the exact same location where a Winter Wren was present in December 2015.
Reported: Dec 1 to Feb 26 (Chris Charlesworth, Jesse Hannebauer, m.obs).
Listen to recording HERE
Winter Wren. Scenic Canyon, Kelowna, BC. Dec 1, 2017. Photo: James Jansen.

Hoary Redpoll (1 female type)
Location: Second cattleguard along Beaver Lake Road in Lake Country.
Reported: Feb 12 (Logan Lalonde).
Hoary Redpoll. Beaver Lake Road, Lake Country, BC. Feb 12, 2018. Photo: Logan Lalonde.

Barn Swallow (1)
Location: Bridge at Road 22, Osoyoos.
Reported: Feb 3 to 12 (Kristen Mancuso, Jesse Hannebauer, Jason Beiber, et al).

Northern Goshawks

Location: Adult at Campsall Rd - Fort Steele
Reported: Feb 10 (Blaire Smith & James Turner)

Location: 1 adult 12th Ave S/ 13th St S area - Cranbrook
Reported: Jan 28-Feb 6 (Bobby Dailey, m.obs)

Location: 1 immature at a private home on Pottery Rd - Vernon
Reported: Jan 2-Feb 4 (Jack VanDyk)

Adult Northern Goshawk in Cranbrook. Jan 28, 2018 - Photo: Bobby Dailey

Hoary Redpolls

Location: Near a feeder on 13th Ave S - Cranbrook
Reported: Feb 7 (Katrin Powell)

Location: Mission Wycliffe Rd and later Clearview Rd- Wycliffe.
Reported: Jan 13-Feb 6 (Katrin Powell & Greg Ross, m.obs).
Hoary Redpoll in flock of Common Redpolls in Wycliffe. Jan 13, 2018. Photo: Katrin Powell.
Location: Cokato and Thompson Rd - Fernie
Reported: Jan 30th (Bob Livsey & Laura Kaye)
Hoary Redpoll in Fernie, BC. Jan 30, 2018. Photo: Laura Kaye

'Kumlien's' Iceland Gull (2 adults)
Location: Thompson Brook Pond - Kelowna
Reported: Feb 3 (Logan Lalonde)

Harris's Sparrow
Location: 1 bird at private home near 9th St and 11 Ave S - Cranbrook
Reported: Feb 3 (Blaire Smith & James Turner)

Yellow-headed Blackbird (1 first year male, rare in winter)
Location: Thompson Brook Pond - Kelowna
Reported: Feb 1 (Logan Lalonde)

Harris's Sparrows

Location: Private Home on Yarrow Rd - Elko
Reported: Jan 26 (Bobby Livsey)

Location: 1 bird at private Home on 9th St in Annex Area - Fernie
Reported: Jan 15 to 22 (Michael Bentley, m.obs)

'Kumlien's' Iceland Gull (1st winter)
Location: On public dock south of marina docks at the Kelowna Yacht Club - Kelowna
Reported: Jan 16 (Richard Klauke and Ted Hindmarch)
Kumlien's Iceland Gull. January 16, 2018. Kelowna. - Photo: Richard Klauke.

Hoary Redpoll

Location: 1 at private home on Gold Creek Rd - Cranbrook.
Reported: Jan 15 (Bobby Dailey).

Say's Phoebe (1)
Location: McKenzie Road between Hwy 33 and Old Vernon Rd, Kelowna.
Reported: Jan 6 (Brad Vissia).

Hermit Thrush (1 rare in winter)
Location: 'Harold's Walkway' in Peachland, along trail with outdoor gym equipment.
Reported: Dec 6 to 25 (Ted Hindmarch, et al)
Hermit Thrush. Peachland, BC. Dec 12, 2017. Photo: Ted Hindmarch.

Say's Phoebe (1)
Location: Trader's Cove, off Westside Road, Kelowna.
Reported: Dec 23 (Kathy Nuszdorfer).

Yellow-billed Loon (1)
Location: Shuswap Lake at Canoe, near Salmon Arm.
Reported: Dec 17, 2017 (Ted Hillary).

Common Yellowthroat (1 female, rare in winter)
Location: Revelstoke Sewage Lagoons.
Reported: Dec 16 (Don Manson, et al).
Common Yellowthroat. Revelstoke, BC. Dec 16, 2017. Photo: Don Manson.

Dunlin (1)
Location: Airport Ponds in Revelstoke.
Reported: Dec 16 (Don Manson, et al).
Dunlin. Revelstoke, BC. Dec 16, 2017. Photo: Don Manson.

SWAINSON'S THRUSH (1, rare in winter)
Location: Shutty Beach, north of Kaslo in the Kootenays.
Reported: Dec 15 (Gordon Brown, et al).
Swainson's Thrush. Kaslo, BC. Dec 15, 2017. Photo: Gordon Brown.

Say's Phoebe (1, rare in winter)
Location: Michaelbrook Ranch Golf Course in Kelowna.
Reported: Dec 16 (Ryan Tomlinson, et al).
Say's Phoebe. Kelowna, BC. Dec 16, 2017. Photo: Jesse Hannebauer.

BLUE-WINGED TEAL (1 female type, rare in winter)
Location: First noted on Okanagan Lake at the foot of Cedar Ave in AM. In PM, was found on nearby small creek at the corner of Watt Rd and Walnut St in lower Mission area of Kelowna.
Reported: Dec 16 to 20 (Margaret Bryan, Doug Kragh, m.obs).
Blue-winged Teal. Kelowna, BC. Dec 16, 2017. Photo: Chris Charlesworth

Fox Sparrow (1 'Sooty')
Location: Ravine along Broadwater Road on bench on east side of Wood Lake in Lake Country.
Reported: Dec 14 (Chris Charlesworth, Gwynneth Wilson).
'Sooty' Fox Sparrow. Lake Country, BC. Dec 14, 2017. Photo: Chris Charlesworth

Long-tailed Duck (1)
Location: Arrow Lake, waterfront of Nakusp.
Reported: Dec 14 (Catherine McLean, Gary Davidson).
Long-tailed Duck. Nakusp, BC. Dec 14, 2017. Photo: Catherine McLean.

Lincoln's Sparrow (1, rare in winter)
Location: Spicer's Farm near Nakusp.
Reported: Dec 14 (Gary Davidson).
Lincoln's Sparrow. Nakusp, BC. Dec 14, 2017. Photo: Gary Davidson.

Hoary Redpoll (1 possible)
Location: Upper Aberdeen neighborhood of Kamloops.
Reported: Dec 11 & 12 (Isaac Nelson).
Hoary Redpoll. Kamloops, BC. Dec 12, 2017. Photo: Isaac Nelson.

Say's Phoebe (1)
Location: Jack Blvd in West Kelowna.
Reported:  Dec 4 (Anne Barbour).
Say's Phoebe. West Kelowna, BC. Dec 4, 2017. Photo: Anne Barbour.
Hoary Redpoll (1)
Location: Private residence along Little Shuswap Lake, east of Kamloops.
Reported: Dec 7 (Allan & Reba Dupilka).
Hoary Redpoll. Little Shuswap Lake, BC. Dec 7, 2017. Photo: Allan & Reba Dupilka.

Long-tailed Duck (2)
Location: Skaha Lake near the Ponderosa Pine Resort along the KVR near Kaleden.
Reported: Dec 5 (Jodi Foster).
Long-tailed Ducks. Skaha Lake, BC. Dec 4, 2017. Photo: Jodi Foster.
Dunlin (1)
Location: Columbia River at the Blaeberry River Delta, north of Golden.
Reported: Dec 3 (Doug Leighton).
Dunlin near Golden, BC. Dec 3, 2017. Photo: Doug Leighton.

Common Yellowthroat (1 first year male)
Location: Thompson Brook Marsh, Kelowna.
Reported: Dec 1 to 6 (Chris Charlesworth, m.obs).
First year male Common Yellowthroat. Thompson Brook Marshes. Kelowna, BC. Dec 1, 2017. Photo: Chris Charlesworth

Long-tailed Duck (1)
Reported: 6 miles south of Revelstoke past the Airport in a large pond on the right side of the road called Montana Slough.
Reported: Dec 1 (Darlene Cancelliere).
Long-tailed Duck. Revelstoke, BC. Dec 1, 2017. Photo: Darlene Cancelliere.

Long-tailed Duck (1 first winter bird)
Location: Rawlings Lake near Lumby.
Reported: Nov 25 (Chris Siddle).

Hoary Redpoll (1)
Location: Nelson Waterfront, and the Nelson Transfer Station and walkway.
Reported: Nov 10 to 20 (Paul Prappas, m.obs).
Hoary Redpoll. Nelson Waterfront. Nov 18, 2017. Photo: Janice Arndt.

RBA: LITTLE GULL (first winter) - Okanagan first
Location: Okanagan Lake in Penticton, between the giant 'peach' and the SS Sicamous, actively feeding offshore throughout day on Nov 17. Latest sighting 10 AM on Nov 18, with the bird feeding off the end of the pier.
Reported: Nov 17 & 18 (Chris Charlesworth, Jesse Hannebauer, m.obs).
Imm. Little Gull. Penticton, BC. Nov 17, 2017. Photo: Chris Charlesworth
Little Gull. Penticton, BC. Nov 17, 2017. Photo: Logan Lalonde.
Rock Wren (1 late)
Location: 'The Throne' at Haynes Point Ecological Reserve in Osoyoos.
Reported: Nov 17 (Chris Charlesworth, Jesse Hannebauer).
Rock Wren. Osoyoos, BC. Nov 17, 2017. Photo: Chris Charlesworth
Gyrfalcon (1)
Location: Flew over Hwy 3A, just south of Olalla, near Keremeos.
Reported: Nov 18 (Melissa Hafting).

Common Yellowthroat (1 late female)
Location: S.E. dyke at Road 22 north of Osoyoos.
Reported: Nov 17 (Chris Charlesworth, Jesse Hannebauer).

Blue Jay (1)
Location: Private residence in Midway.
Reported: Nov 8 (Nancy Konkin).
Blue Jay. Midway, BC. Nov 8, 2017. Photo: Nancy Konkin.

Anna's Hummingbird (1 female)
Location: Private residence along Clearview Road in Wycliffe in the East Kootenays where this bird apparently represents a first confirmed sighting for the region. If you want to look for the bird email Dianne Cooper for details at kestrel374@yahoo.ca.
Reported: Oct 3 to Dec 6 (Lil & Murray MacPhail, m.obs).
Anna's Hummingbird. Wycliffe, BC. Photo: Lil & Murray MacPhail.

Nashville Warbler (1)
Location: Rotary Trails Park at the mouth of Powers Creek in West Kelowna.
Reported: Nov 4 to 7 (Logan Lalonde, Brad Vissia, et al).
Nashville Warbler. Mouth of Powers Creek, West Kelowna, Nov 6, 2017. Photo: Logan Lalonde.

Harris's Sparrows

1 imm. Allendale Lake Road, Okanagan Falls, Dec 23 (Doug Brown).

1 imm. at feeder in West Bench area of Penticton at Dick Canning's home. Address is 705 Sunglo Drive, Dec 22 to 26 (Dick Cannings, m.obs).

1 imm. along Tronson Road, just east of Lakeshore Road in Okanagan Landing area of Vernon on Dec 8 (Chris Siddle).

1 imm. at Gellatly Road entrance to Glen Canyon Regional Park in West Kelowna on 2 Dec (Brad Vissia).

1 imm. in Polson Park in Vernon, 30 Nov (Eric Newton).

1 imm. along Old Ferry Wharf Road, off Westside Road, near Kelowna. Half way along this 1 km long road, watch for a house on the right side, with garden ornaments and feeders. The sparrow was seen at this yard, Nov 15 to 18 (Lesley Robertson, m.obs).

1 imm. along N.E. dyke at Road 22, north of Osoyoos. You must park and walk approx. 1 km north along the east dyke to get to this location where the bird was, Nov 13  (Jim Turnbull, Deirdre Turnbull).

1 imm. at private residence along Natal Rd in Elkford in the East Kootenays, Nov 3 (Sarah & Aaron Murphy-Rowe.

3, an adult and two imm. at feeders in Desert Cove subdivision near the Head of the Lake in Vernon, Oct 29 to Dc 2 (Chris Siddle, m.obs).

1 at the east end (Knutsford end) of Goose Lake Road, at approx. km 1. On north side of road, perched on gate, at the start of a long driveway leading up a hill in the grasslands in Knutsford, Oct 18 (Mike Klotz).

1 imm. at private residence in the Blaeberry Valley, near Golden, Oct 15 (Douglas Leighton).

1 imm. along Pine Ridge Road in Lillooet, Oct 15 (Ian Routley).

1 imm. at the Walter Clough Bird Sanctuary in Slocan, in the Kootenays, Oct 8 (Paul Prappas, et al).

1 imm. along the waterfront in Nelson, near the city wharf, Oct 5 (Janice Arndt).
Harris's Sparrow. Penticton, BC. Dec 22, 2017. Photo: Dick Cannings.
Harris's Sparrow. Golden, BC. Oct 16, 2017. Photo: Doug Leighton.
Harris's Sparrow. Lilooet, BC. Oct 15, 2017. Photo: Ian Routley
Harris's Sparrow. Slocan, BC. Oct 8, 2017. Photo: Paul Prappas.

Lesser Black-backed Gull (1 adult)
Location: Mouth of Vernon Creek, Okanagan Landing area of Vernon.
Reported: Oct 30 to Nov 1 (Chris Siddle, et al).
Lesser Black-backed Gull. Vernon, BC. Oct 30, 2017. Photo: Chris Siddle.

Pacific Loon (1 adult)
Location: Kokanee Creek Park near Nelson.
Reported: Oct 29 (Paul Prappas, et al).
Pacific Loon. Nelson, BC. Oct 29, 2017. Photo: Alistair Fraser.

Long-tailed Duck (1 female)
Location: Wiseman Lake on the Donald Forest Service Road, near Golden.
Reported: Oct 28 (Doug Leighton).
Long-tailed Duck near Golden, BC. Oct 28, 2017. Photo: Doug Leighton.

Lesser Black-backed Gull (1 adult)
Location: Okanagan Lake Beach in Penticton.
Reported: Oct 20 (Eric Newton).

Red-throated Loon (1)
Location: Shuswap Lake at mouth of the Salmon River in Salmon Arm.
Reported: Morning of Oct 20 (Don Cecile).

Blue Jay (1, most likely the same bird seen by Odin Scholz on Oct 10th)
Location: Private Home on Riley Creek Rd - Lillooet
Reported: Oct 18 to 19 (S. Bodaly, m.obs)

Blue Jay. Lilooet, BC. Oct 18, 2017.  Photo. Ian Routley
Black-and-white Warbler (1 female type)
Location: Rotary Trails Park at the mouth of Powers Creek, Gellatly Bay, West Kelowna. Go to where trail is flooded and this is where the bird was seen.
Reported: Oct 11 to 14 (Chris Charlesworth, m.obs)
Black-and-white Warbler. West Kelowna, BC. Oct 12, 2017. James Jansen

Lesser Black-backed Gull (1 adult)
Location: Log booms at Sutherland Bay in Kelowna's north end.
Reported: Oct 12 (Doug Kragh, m.obs).

Blue Jay (1)
Location: BC Hydro Seton Lake Campground off Hwy 99 in Lillooet. Beside the dam at the west end of the site near the spawning channel and off channel rearing ponds.
Reported: Oct 10 (Odin Scholz)
Blue Jay. Lillooet, BC. Oct 10,  2017. Photo: Odin Scholz

Sabine's Gull (1 imm)
Location: Along the Thompson River, seen from Chase-Pritchard Road.
Reported: Oct 7 (Reba & Allan Dupilka).
Sabine's Gull. Chase, BC. Oct 7, 2017. Photo: Reba & Allan Dupilka.

Arctic Tern (1 juv)
Location: Okanagan Lake in Penticton. Seen from the Japanese Garden which is west of the marina.
Reported: Oct 3 (Barry Lancaster).
Arctic Tern. Okanagan Lake, Penticton, BC. Oct 3, 2017 (Photo: Barry Lancaster)

Sabine's Gull (1 juv)
Location: Salmon Arm Foreshore, near mouth of Salmon River.
Reported: Oct 2 to 10 (Don Cecile).

Sabine's Gull (2 juv)
Location: Pond near playground at Kokanee Creek Provincial Park near Nelson.
Reported: Sep 27 to Oct 1 (Janice Arndt, m.obs).
Sabine's Gull. Kokanee Ck Park, Nelson, BC, Sep 27, 2017. Photo: Janice Arndt.

Great Egret (1)
Location: Walking path along Trout Creek near its terminus at Okanagan Lake in Summerland. Easily accessed from Sunoka Provincial Park. Follow the beach east towards the creek mouth and follow trail upstream a short distance.
Reported: Sep 24 to Oct 4 (Natalie Koverchuck, m.obs).
Great Egret. Trout Ck, Summerland, BC. Sep 24, 2017. Photo: Darcie Arcand.
Boreal Owl (1)
Location: Blaeberry Valley, near Golden. Found roosting at 3 PM and was gone from location by 5:30 PM.
Reported: Sep 23 (Douglas Leighton).
Boreal Owl. Golden, BC. Sep 23, 2017. Photo: Douglas Leighton.

American Golden-Plover (1 juv)
Location: Pond along the Trans-Canada Hwy, west of Kamloops.
Reported: Sep 23-24 (Isaac Nelson).
American Golden-Plover. Kamloops, BC. Sep 23, 2017. Photo: Isaac Nelson.

Parasitic Jaeger (1)
Location: 9 Mile near Revelstoke.
Reported: Sep 18 (Emily Williams, et al).

Sabine Gull (1juv)
Location: Mouth of Burton Creek in Nakusp.
Reported: Sep 15 & 16 (Gary Davidson, et al).
Sabine's Gull. Nakusp, BC. Sep 15, 2017. Photo: Gary Davidson.

Sabine's Gull (1 juv)
Location: Salmon Arm Foreshore, west from the wharf.
Reported: Sep 14 to 16 (Don Cecile, m.obs).
Sabine's Gull. Salmon Arm, BC. Sep 14, 2017. Photo: Don Cecile.

Sanderling (Up to 3 juv)
Location: Salmon Arm Foreshore, just east of the wharf.
Reported: Sep 14 to 26 (Kyle Fitzpatrick, m.obs).

Franklin's Gull (4)
Location: Mouth of Mission Creek, Kelowna.
Reported: Sep 13 (James Jansen).
Franklin's Gull. Mouth of Mission Creek, Kelowna, BC. Sep 13, 2017. Photo: James Jansen.

Sanderling (1 juv.)
Location: Okanagan Beach in Penticton, between the SS Sicamous and 'the peach'.
Reported: Sep 11 (Amanda Lahaie).
Sanderling. Okanagan Beach, Penticton, BC. Sep 11, 2017. Photo: Amanda Lahaie.

Parasitic Jaeger (1 ad)
Location: Shuswap Lake at Salmon Arm Bay.
Reported: Sep 12 to 14 (Reid Hildebrandt, et al).
Parasitic Jaeger. Salmon Arm, BC. Sep 12, 2017. Photo: Reid Hildebrant.

Location: Greely, about 12 km E of Revelstoke. Turn off Hwy 1, 12 km E. of Revelstoke and follow Greely Road, and you'll cross the bridge over the river. Go straight ahead to the railroad tracks. This is where the birds were flying from poles into the forest. At least one remained until 7 PM on Sep 10, but has not been reported since.
Reported: Sep 10 (Darlene & Darryl Cancelliere, Don Manson, Dusty Veideman, Chris Veideman, et al).
Red-headed Woodpecker in Revelstoke, BC. Sep 10, 2017. Photo: Dusty Veideman.

Location: Marina at Nakusp on Arrow Lake.
Reported: Sep 10 (Catherine McLean, Colleen Scissons, Gary Davidson).

Ancient Murrelet. Nakusp, BC. Sep 10, 2017. Photo: Gary Davidson.

Location: Salmon Arm foreshore.
Reported: Sep 10 to 12 (Roger Beardmore, et al).
Buff-breasted Sandpiper. Salmon Arm, BC. Sep 10, 2017. Photo: Roger Beardmore.

Tennessee Warbler (1)
Location: Dunsmuir Road in the Hall Road area of Kelowna.
Reported: Sep 9 (Logan Lalonde).

Sanderling (1 juv)
Location: 9 Mile, south of Revelstoke.
Reported: Sep 8 (Don Manson).
Sanderling. Revelstoke, BC. Sep 8, 2017. Photo: Don Manson

Location: Mudflats west of the pier in Salmon Arm.
Reported: Sep 9 (Don Cecile).

Sanderling (1 ad)
Location: Mouth of the Salmon Arm River in Salmon Arm.
Reported: Sep 2 (Don Cecile).

Tennessee Warbler (1 male)
Location: Trail that runs along foreshore west from Peter Janninck Park in Salmon Arm.
Reported: Sep 2 (Don Cecile, et al).
Tennessee Warbler. Salmon Arm, BC. Sep 2, 2017. Photo: Roger Beardmore.
Clark's Grebe (1)
Location: Okanagan Lake at Soorimpt Provincial Park, between Summerland and Penticton.
Reported: Sep 1 (Mel Thorn).

Pacific Loon (1)
Location: Okanagan Lake in Penticton from Esplanade / Marina area.
Reported: Sep 1 (Mel Thorn).

Broad-winged Hawk (1)
Location: Mt. Nelson, just north of Nelson, along Hwy 3A in the Kootenay district.
Reported: Aug 31 (Janice Arndt, Justin Arndt).
Broad-winged Hawk. Nelson, BC. Aug 31, 2017. Photo: Justin Arndt.

Sanderling (4; 3 juv, 1 ad)
Location: Mouth of Mission Creek, Kelowna.
Reported: Aug 24 to Sept 27 (Scott Thomson, m.obs).
Sanderling. Mouth of Mission Creek, Kelowna, BC. Aug 24, 2017. Photo: Scott Thompson.

Buff-breasted Sandpiper (1 juvenile)
Location: College Oxbow at Selkirk College in Castlegar in the West Kootenays. Bird was on the mudflats at the east end of the oxbow and is still present as of 10:45 AM.
Reported: Aug 16 to 18 (Craig Sandvig).
Buff-breasted Sandpiper at College Oxbow in Castlegar. Aug 16, 2017. Photo: Craig Sandvig.

Sanderling (1)
Location: Mudflats off Peter Janninck Nature Park in Salmon Arm.
Reported: Aug 16 to 21 (Ken Wright, John Woods, et al).

Stilt Sandpipers

Location: One bird at Robert Lake, in Kelowna.
Reported: Aug 21 (Logan Lalonde).

Location: Up to 4 birds at Robert Lake in Kelowna.
Reported: Aug 9 & 10 (Chris Charlesworth, et al).

Location: Up to 9 juv. at flooded area at N. end of Otter Lake, north of Vernon.
Reported: Aug 9 to 13 (Chris Siddle, m.obs).

Location: Salmon Arm Foreshore. Up to 16 juveniles present.
Reported: Aug 8 to 29 (Don Cecile, m.obs).

Location: 1 juv. small pond at S.W. corner of Swan Lake, visible from Grassland Loop Trail, Vernon.
Reported: Aug 8 & 9 (Chris Siddle).

Location: 1 juv. at Selkirk College Trails, Castlegar.
Reported: Aug 6 (Barbara Maytom).

Stilt Sandpiper. Castlegar, BC. Aug 6, 2017. Photo: Barbara Maytom.
Two of 16 juv. Stilt Sandpipers at Salmon Arm, BC. Aug 8, 2017. Photo: Don Cecile.

Location: Hummingbird feeder at private residence in Trail. First record for the West Kootenays.
Reported: Aug 4 to 7. Last sighting was in the early morning on Aug 7. The location is open to the public and the address is 7928 Birchwood Drive in Trail. The bird does not spend long at the feeder. When it is not at the feeder the hummingbird is often perched in a small clump of birches at the edge of the back lawn, usually sitting in the bottom half of the trees, near the center in some dead saplings. You can view these saplings easily from the north side of the house (duplex), from along the sidewalk. You can also seen the feeder, which is at the south side of their covered deck. Please don't go onto the deck and respect private property, as usual!  (Jennifer Bergen, Don Young).
Ruby-throated Hummingbird. Trail, BC. Aug 4, 2017. Photo: Don Young.
Ruby-throated Hummingbird. Trail, BC. Aug 6, 2017. Photo: Chris Charlesworth
Great Egret (1)
Location: Small, receding floodwater pond just N.E. of Swan Lake Nature Reserve Park in Vernon, off Old Kamloops Road. This is at the S.W. corner of Swan Lake. Please do not trespass on farmer's property!
Reported: August 1 to 13 (Chris Siddle, m.obs).
Great Egret. Swan Lake, Vernon, BC. Aug 1, 2017. Photo: Chris Siddle.
Whimbrel (1)
Location: Salmon Arm Foreshore. Seen along shore from Peter Jannink Nature Park.
Reported: July 30 (Ted Hillary).

Great Egret (1)
Location: Little slough in Quilchena area, near Nicola Lake. Slough can be viewed from intersection of Hwy 5A and Pennask Lake Road. On July 29th seen 2km north of Nicola Lake on west side of Hwy 5A in the irrigated fields south of Beaver Ranch Flats.
Reported: July 15-July 29 (Mike Toochin, Wayne Diakow, Brent Diakow, Thor Diakow, m.obs).

Great Egret. Quilchena, BC. July 29. Photo: Wesley Barr

Franklin's Gull (Up to 5 immatures)
Location: Salmon Arm Pier.
Reported: July 27 to Sept 26 (Chris Siddle, Mike Force, m.obs).
Franklin's Gull. Salmon Arm, BC. Aug 1, 2017. Photo: Don Cecile.

Franklin's Gull (1 immature)
Location: Pond along Glenmore Road in Kelowna, at the landfill. This pond is about .5 km N. of the entrance to the landfill at the old entrance.
Reported: Evening of July 25 (Doug Kragh).
Franklin's Gull. Kelowna Landfill. July 25, 2017. Photo: Doug Kragh.

Marbled Godwit (9)
Location: Salmon Arm foreshore. Seen from Peter Jannink Nature Park on recently exposed mudflats just to the east of the park. On Jul 15, 9 birds reported, with 1 remaining on Jul 16.
Reported: July 15 & 16 (Mel Thorne, Ted Hillary, et al).

Band-tailed Pigeon (1)
Location: Trepanier Road in Peachland. Bird was perched in dead tree at edge of grassy meadow on south side of Trepanier Road, in between Maxwell Rd and Paradise Valley Rd.
Reported: July 7 (Chris Charlesworth).

Rose-breasted Grosbeak (1 male)
Location: Private feeder in Tulameen.
Reported: June 28 (Ed Lahaie, m.obs).
Rose-breasted Grosbeak. Tulameen, BC. June 28, 2017. Photo: Sue Elwell.

Blue Jay (1)
Location: Seen at address 189 Traders Cove Road, off Westside Road, near Kelowna. Was with Clark's Nutcrackers.
Reported: June 27 (Kathy Nuszdorfer).

Green Heron (1)
Location: Salmon Arm along lakeshore near the mouth of the Salmon River on Jun 13 and on Jun 15 it was seen in flight at the pier.
Reported: June 13 to 16 (Roger Beardmore, m.obs).

Forster's Tern (2)
Location: Gyro Beach, Osoyoos.
Reported: June 4 (Alan & Liz Stewart)
Forster's Terns, Osoyoos, BC. June 4, 2017. Photo: Alan & Liz Stewart.

Sanderling (1)
Location: Salmon Arm, on logs at end of the wharf.
Reported: June 3 (Isabel Birtchnell, m.obs).

Green Heron (1 adult)
Location: Waldie Island in Castlegar. Map to exact location of sighting: https://goo.gl/maps/H2YQC1gS9RB2
Reported: May 30 (Janice Arndt, et al).

Green Heron. Waldie Island, Castlegar, BC. May 30, 2017. Photo: Craig Sandvig.

Great Egret (1)
Location: Haynes Point Provincial Park in Osoyoos.
Reported: May 29 to 31 (Amanda Lahaie, m.obs).

Great Egret. Haynes Point, Osoyoos, BC. May 29, 2017. Photo: Amanda Lahaie.

Ancient Murrelet (1)
Location: Fountain Lake near Lillooet.
Reported: May 27 (Abbey Riddolls).
Ancient Murrelet at Fountain Lake, Lillooet, BC. May 27, 2017. Photo: Abbey Riddolls.

Northern Mockingbird (1)
Location: Corner of Porteus Rd and McClure Roads, south of Kimberly near a corrugated metal barn.
Reported: May 25 & 26 (David Fraser, Leah Ramsay, et al).

Clark's Grebe (1)
Location: Osoyoos Lake at Haynes Point.
Reported: May 24 to 31 (David Britton, m.obs).

Clark's Grebe (right). May 24, 2017. Haynes Point, Osoyoos BC. Photo: David Britton.

(Possible) Loggerhead Shrike (1)
Location: Hwy 95 at Skookumchuck Prairie, north of Cranbrook. Bird was on fence line on west side of hwy at 6 PM. GPS coordinates are: 49.875074, -115.730075.
Reported: May 23 (David Bradley).

Red-breasted Sapsucker (1)
Location: Mountain Springs Retreat, on Hwy 3, near Twin Lakes.
Reported: May 21 (Phyllis Jmaeff, Kalin Ocana).

Franklin's Gull (1 imm)
Location: SS Sicamous on Okanagan Lake in Penticton.
Reported: May 21 (Logan Lalonde, Liron Gertsman).

Double-crested Cormorant (1)
Location: Middle of Skaha Lake, near Penticton. Viewed from pull-out on Hwy 97 near N.W. corner of the lake.
Reported: May 21 (Logan Lalonde, Liron Gertsman).

Blackpoll Warbler (1)
Location: In the tallest tree near the small parking lot (where the train tracks cross the road into Lac du Bois) on the far side of the pond/marsh at Tranquille, Kamloops
Reported: May 18 (Tom Beeke)

Male Blackpoll Warbler in Tranquille. Photo: Tom Beeke

Black-necked Stilt (2+)
Location: Alki Lake / Kelowna Landfill.
Reported: May 15 (Lesley Robertson).

Purple Finch (1)
Location: Private Home, Princeton
Reported: May 14 (Edward Lahaie)

Willet (1)
Location: Airport ponds west, Revelstoke.
Reported: May 10 (Don Manson).

Willet. Revelstoke, BC. May 10, 2017. Photo: Don Manson.

Dickcissel (1 female) See Main Page
Location: 407 Edward St (view from front yard only) - Revelstoke
Reported: May 3-7 (Darlene Cancelliere)

Great Egret (1)
Location: East side of runway in airport marsh. Last seen in Montana Bay - Revelstoke
Reported: May 6-8 (Catherine Craig, m.obs)

Photo: Darlene Cancelliere

Lesser Goldinch (1 male) See Main Page
Location: 460 Auburn Crescent (knock on front door before viewing in backyard) - Princeton
Reported: May 3-5 (Edward Lahaie)

Marbled Godwit (1)
Location: Tranquille in Kamloops, at the large wetland / pond on the south side of the road.
Reported: May 1 (Ralph Ritcey, m.obs).

Black-throated Gray Warbler (1 male)
Location: Private residence in Revelstoke.
Reported: Apr 30 (Dusty Veideman).

Black-throated Gray Warbler. Revelstoke, BC. Apr 30, 2017. Photo: Dusty Veideman

Black-necked Stilts (6)
Location: College oxbow at Castlegar.
Reported: Apr 30 (Paul Prappas, et al).

Black-necked Stilts. College Oxbow. Castlegar, BC. Apr 30, 2017. Photo: Craig Sandvig.

Great Egret (1)
Location: First pond south of Reflection Lake, south of Golden.
Reported: Apr 30 (Thelma Brown, et al).

Great Egret. Golden, BC. Apr 30, 2017. Photo: Darcy Monchak.

Broad-winged Hawk (1 adult)
Location: Quail Ridge neighborhood near Kelowna Airport.
Reported: Apr 23 (Gail Fennell)

Broad-winged Hawk. Kelowna, BC. Apr 23, 2017. Photo: Gail Fennell.
Dunlin (1)
Location: Hayfield at Moberly Marsh near Golden.
Reported: Apr 20 (Douglas Leighton).

Sage Thrasher (1)
Location: Selkirk College Trails in Castlegar.
Map of where bird was seen: https://goo.gl/maps/JMRhvY6x3us
Reported: Apr 20, still present as of 5:45 PM (Craig Sandvig).

Sage Thrasher. Castlegar, BC. Apr 20, 2017. Photo: Craig Sandvig.

Ross's Goose X Snow Goose hybrid (1)
Location: Mouth of Power's Creek in West Kelowna. With Snow Goose.
Reported: Apr 18 to 25 (Scott Thomson, m.obs).
After careful study of photos and much discussion, it has been decided that the bird previously thought to be a Ross's Goose is now considered a Ross's X Snow Goose hyrbid. 

Dunlin (1)
Location: Flooded fields adjacent to Munson Pond in Kelowna.
Reported: Apr 13 (Nick Swan, et al).
Dunlin at Munson Pond, Kelowna, BC. Apr 13. Photo: Nick Swan
Ross's Goose (1)
Location: Hayfield at Moberly Marsh, 15 km N. of Golden.
Reported: Apr 7 (Douglas Leighton).

Ross's Goose, with Snow Goose. Golden, BC. Apr 7, 2017. Photo: Doug Leighton.

Western Bluebirds (2) & Spotted Towhee (2)
Location: The bluebirds were at 9 mile near Revelstoke Airport, Mar 17 (Darlene Cancelliere) and the towhee, 2 of them, were at a feeder on Jordan Dr, Revelstoke, Mar 12 (Jackie Morris).
Western Bluebird. Revelstoke, Mar 17. Photo: Darlene Cancelliere

Spotted Towhee. Revelstoke. Mar 12. Photo: Jackie Morris

Iceland Gull (adult 'Kumlien's')
Location: Fields along Byrns Road in Kelowna.
Reported: Mar 13 (Logan Lalonde).

Iceland Gull (1 first winter 'Kumlien's')
Location: Beach along Okanagan Lake in Penticton.
Reported: Mar 11 (Gwynneth Wilson, Pam Laing, m.obs)
First winter Iceland Gull (Kumlien's race). Okanagan Lake, Penticton, BC. Mar 11, 2017. Photo: Pam Laing.

Red-throated Loon (1 immature)
Location: Okanagan Lake, from Mouth of Power's Creek in West Kelowna. Scope required.
Reported: Mar 11 (Chris Charlesworth, Michael Force).

Lesser Black-backed Gull (1 adult)
Location: Mouth of Vernon Creek at Okanagan Landing, Vernon. Good chance it's the same bird that has been seen in Kelowna over recent weeks.
Reported: Mar 8 (Chris Siddle).

Lesser Black-backed Gull. Mouth of Vernon Ck, Vernon, BC. Mar 8, 2017. Photo: Chris Siddle.

Blue Jay (1)
Location: 11274 Mimac Road, off Pretty Road in Lake Country.
Reported: Nov 10, 2016 to Mar 17, 2017 (Doug & Phyllis DeRousie, m.obs).

**Residents at the given address above are away on holiday, so feeders are empty. Search along Mimac Road, Pretty Road and other nearby roads, looking for flock of up to 10 Steller's Jays with which the Blue Jay is associating. On Mar 17 the jay was at the corner of Robinson Road and Jane Road**
Blue Jay. Mimac Road, Lake Country, BC. Nov 18, 2016. Photo: Michael Force.
'Kumlien's' Iceland Gull (1 adult)
Location: First noted at Mud Bay (Maude Roxby Bird Sanctuary) at the foot of Francis Ave in Kelowna, Feb 16, and again seen at 'Downtown Marina' near the Sails on Bernard Ave on Feb 18.
Reported: Feb 16 to 18 (Michael Force, Chris Charlesworth, m.obs).

'Kumlien's' Iceland Gull (on right). 'Downtown Marina', Kelowna, BC. Feb 18, 2017. Photo: Michael Force.

Long-tailed Duck (1 female)
Location: Osoyoos Sewage Ponds. Could be the same individual that was present back in December.
Reported: Feb 14 (Doug Brown).

Lesser Black-backed Gull (1 adult)
Location: On floating piece of ice at Rotary Beach on Lakeshore Road in Kelowna. Presumably the same bird was relocated on Feb 18 at the 'Downtown Marina' at the foot of Bernard Ave near the Sails by Chris Charlesworth. Adult was again at 'Downtown Marina' on Mar 3 (Logan Lalonde).
Reported: Feb 9 to Mar 3 (Logan Lalonde, m.obs).

Lesser Black-backed Gull. Kelowna's Downtown Marina. Feb 18, 2017. Photo: Logan Lalonde.

Harris's Sparrow (1 immature)
Location: Park at south end of Burtch Road in Kelowna. Walk south along path that parallels the ditch / fence and look in the bushes.
Reported: Feb 1 to Apr 19 (Nick Swan, m.obs).

Harris's Sparrow. Burtch Road, Kelowna, BC. Feb 1, 2017. Photo: Nick Swan.

Turkey Vulture (1)
Location: Willow trees at Father Pandosy Mission on Benvoulin Road, Kelowna.
Reported: Jan 12 (Gwynneth Wilson, m.obs). Could possibly be the same bird found on the Kelowna CBC on Dec 17.

Harris's Sparrow (1 immature)
Location: Feeder at 5816 Nixon Road in Trout Creek area of Summerland.  It can be seen from the road to the left of the driveway.  No need to go into the yard.
Reported: Jan 1 - 11, 2017 (Tom Lowery, m.obs).

Harris's Sparrow. Summerland, BC. Jan 1, 2017. Photo: Tom Lowery.

***FOR OLDER SIGHTINGS SEE "bcintbird" yahoo group archives***