Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 11--Acorn Woodpecker in Burnaby

This morning I received a promising report of an Acorn Woodpecker (7 previous provincial records; 5 since 2010), in an urban neighbourhood in south Burnaby. The bird was observed for some time along Rumble Street between Sussex and Nelson Avenues. (Janice Fletcher)

A subsequent search later the same day (March 11) came up empty. Let us know if anyone manages to relocate the bird. As this is a semi-urban area, please respect private property and act appropriately under the circumstances.


  1. Russell, there was a report today (June 29/14) on the British Columbia Facebook group of an Acorn Woodpecker hanging around a member's parents backyard in Hatzic, B.C.
    Sherry Lidstone

    1. that would be British Columbia Birds FB group