Monday, August 11, 2014

Murrelet species on Tagish Lake

Ben Schonewille photographed this murrelet on Tagish Lake on July 7th. This was in the BC section of the large lake that also reaches into the Yukon. At 75km from saltwater this is an unusual spot for any murrelet species. The question is--Is this a Marbled or Long-billed Murrelet? Comments welcome.


  1. Very much a guess but I'll plug MAMU on this one on the basis of the sloping structure of the forehead-bill looking not quite there for Long-billed, and the white on the neck appearing to extend towards the nape, forming the beginnings of a collar.

  2. I agree with James, particularly in regards to the neck pattern. The extensive white towards the nape does not appear to compliment a long-billed. However I'm not confident.

  3. I would go with Marbled murrelet as well as the head is wrong for long-billed. Great find regardless.