Sunday, November 27, 2016

RBA: SLATY-BACKED GULL in Delta - November 27-29th

At 1:40pm on November 27th-2016, Liron Gerstman found a 3rd cycle Slaty-backed Gull in Delta. The bird was in a mixed gull flock in the field on the east side of 72nd St across from the turf farm, which is just north of 36th Ave. The bird is best viewed from the road to the old airport control tower on the north side of the road. The bird was refound by Ilya Povalyaev at 3pm in the same location.

At 9:30am on November 28th, the bird was relocated at the turf farm on 72nd St by multiple observers. At 3:30pm on November 28th, the bird was relocated on the roof of the manure piles, which are located beside the turf farm on 72nd St.

At 12:40pm on November 29th, the bird was relocated by the buildings near the manure piles, which are located beside the turf farm on 72nd St. At 2:45pm on November 29th, the SBGU was present in the field in the middle of the turf farm on 72nd St.

The bird was not seen on November 30th or December 1st, despite multiple observers looking.

A video of the bird was taken by Cole Gaerber on Nov. 28th and can be viewed HERE

Map to where bird was last seen on turf farm HERE

Map to original location HERE

3rd Cycle Slaty-backed Gull - Photo: Mike Tabak
Slaty-backed Gull (note extreme dark mantle in comparison to nearby gulls) - Photo: Ilya Povalyaev

Saturday, November 26, 2016

RBA: Ferruginous Hawk in Creston - November 26th

At 2:15 pm on November 26th-2016, Paul Prappas, Carolee Colter and Terry O'Gorman found a first year Ferruginous Hawk while driving along Kootenay River Rd, just south of Creston. The bird was hunting in the farming fields on the right side of Kootenay River Road opposite to Speers Road. They were able to watch the bird for ten minutes before it flew out of view.

Immature Ferruginous Hawk - Photo: Paul Prappas

Sunday, November 20, 2016

RBA: FIELD SPARROW in Colwood - November 20-21st

At 8am on November 20th-2016, Ellen and Andy Stepniewski from Washington State, found a Field Sparrow at Esquimalt Lagoon. The bird was foraging in the weeds across from trash can #26 on the lagoon side.

Esquimalt Lagoon is located at 2901 Ocean Boulevard in Colwood, BC.

The bird was photographed by multiple observers.

At 7:45 am on Nov 21st, the bird was seen and photographed by Keith Taylor, on the ocean side of the lagoon in front of trash can #27. There were no further sightings of the bird, despite multiple observers looking.

This is the second record for the province of British Columbia.

Photo: David Marques
Photo: Sharon Toochin

Saturday, November 12, 2016

RBA: LUCY'S WARBLER refound in Kelowna! - November 12-19th

At 10:30 am on November 12th - 2016, Chris Charlesworth, Chris Siddle, Ann Gibson and Michael Force refound the Lucy's Warbler at the same location, Sunset Drive Park where it was first found by Michelle Lamberson on September 25th. As they began looking for a reported Green Heron, they pished in a late Least Flycatcher and then the female/immature Lucy's Warbler flew in. The bird was calling and perched in a tree along the south side of Brandt's Creek beside the first viewing platform which is located off Sunset Drive.

Sunset Drive Park is located just north of Rotary Marsh Park. The address is 1055 Sunset Drive, Kelowna

As of Nov 14th, the bird has been moving  between two locations: Sunset Drive Park and Manhattan Drive.

A map for where the bird was seen at Sunset Drive Park is HERE

A map for where the bird was seen at Manhattan Drive is HERE

On Nov 16th the bird was last seen at 12pm at Sunset Drive Park.

On Nov 19th, the bird was briefly seen at 9:30am by Dan Peterson at Sunset Drive Park but not subsequently with multiple observers looking.

The bird was not seen on Nov 20th or 21st, despite multiple observers looking.

This is the second record for the province of British Columbia.

Lucy's Warbler. Manhattan Drive, Kelowna, BC. Nov 14, 2016. Photo: John Gordon.
Lucy's Warbler. Manhattan Drive, Kelowna, BC. Nov 14, 2016. Photo: John Gordon.
Lucy's Warbler. Sunset Drive Park, Kelowna, BC. Nov 12, 2016. Photo: Michael Force.

Friday, November 11, 2016

RBA: BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHER on Stubbs Island - November 11th

On the morning of November 11th - 2016, Ian Cruickshank found and photographed a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher on Stubbs Island. The bird was foraging in brooms and roses along the beach on the NW side of the spit which is located on the north side of the island. Stubbs Island is Private and there is No Public Access above the high tide line. This is most likely the same bird first found by Michael Shepard in Tofino on October 28th.

Photo: Ian Cruickshank

Monday, November 7, 2016

RBA: INDIGO BUNTING in Pemberton - July 5th (LATE REPORT)

On July 5th, 2016, Seth and Ethan Stere and Toby Theriault found a singing adult male Indigo Bunting. The bird was perched on top of a bush in the garden of a private farmhouse located on Pemberton Meadows Rd near the corner of Guthrie Rd. They and other observers were able to observe the bird for 30 mins at close range. Joanna Streetly was able to capture a photo of the bird on her cell phone.

Male Indigo Bunting in Pemberton - Photo: Joanna Streetly

11 year old Toby Theriault was able to field sketch the bird she found:

Beautiful sketch of a Male Indigo Bunting in Pemberton - by Toby Theriault

Friday, November 4, 2016

RBA: BROWN BOOBY in Sooke - November 4th

On the morning of November 4th-2016, Ian Cruickshank and Avery Bartels found an adult Brown Booby sitting on a log several Kms out from Beechey Head at East Sooke Regional Park. The bird sat on a log for 45 mins and they left it there as the log floated west. The bird was photographed.

The bird was not relocated on November 5th.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

RBA: RED-THROATED PIPIT in Metchosin - October 30th

On October 30th-2016, David Allinson found a Red-throated Pipit. While he was observing over 150 American Robins flying over head along Swanwick Road. At about 250 metres from the William Head Rd intersection, he heard the distinctive high-pitched flight call and observed the bird in flight. The bird landed in the large field with Sheep on the north side of Swanwick Rd and disappeared. At this point he was not able to relocate it.

Map to location HERE

Saturday, October 29, 2016

RBA: BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHER in Tofino - October 28th

At 2pm on October 28th-2016, Michael Shepard found a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher at the Tofino Sea Kayaking coffee shop and adjacent coast guard base. The coffee shop is located at 320 Main Street in Tofino.

The Gnatcatcher has not been relocated as of October 29th.

Monday, October 24, 2016

RBA: ROSS'S GOOSE in Victoria - October 24th

At 8:30am on October 24th-2016, Geoffrey Newell found a Ross's Goose. The bird was in a flock of 54 Snow Geese flying SE over Cattle Point in a V formation. The bird was the last bird in the formation and was noticeably smaller than the other Snow Geese with a short stocky head and neck. He was unable to get any photos.