Sunday, April 29, 2018

RBA: Probable REDWING in Vancouver - April 29th

At 8:35am on April 28, 2018 Bridget Spencer found a probable Redwing. The bird was sitting in a white blossom cherry tree in Musqueam Golf Course along the Fraser River. It was singing for 30 mins and she made a recording and took record photos as it flew east towards Point Grey Golf course. The bird was relocated at Point Grey Golf Course at 9:05 am but was only heard and then not seen again when the birder had to leave. It has not been relocated since despite multiple observers looking.

Experienced European birders believe it to be a Redwing. You can listen to it HERE

Bridget made a comparison recording between her bird (Starts at 0:00 and ends at 0:04) and a confirmed Redwing by Michael Bome (starts at 0:05 and ends at 0:15) on Xeno-Cantho. You can listen to it HERE

Map to exact location bird was first seen HERE

Probable Redwing carrying Cherry Blossom in beak - Photo: Bridget Spencer

Friday, April 27, 2018

RBA: LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE in Cawston - April 26th

At 4:15pm on April 26th 2018, Mark McAnally found a Loggerhead Shrike on Nighthawk Rd in Cawston.

The exact location is 250m before the descent to the border customs stop. The bird was in view for over 10 minutes as it flew back and forth across the road, landing in the open.

A map to the exact location is HERE.

Nighthawk Rd is west of Osoyoos and accessed off of Highway 3.

Loggerhead Shrike in Osoyoos - Photo: Mark McAnally

Loggerhead Shrike in Osoyoos - Photo: Mark McAnally

Friday, April 20, 2018

RBA: BLACK PHOEBE in Coquitlam - April 20th-21st

At 11:30am on April 20th-2018, John Reynolds found a Black Phoebe at Colony farm in a Coquitlam.

Directions to bird: The bird is in the pond in front of the service yard. Coming from Hwy 7, park at the community garden. Walk back and turn left on a newly gravelled road. Just before you reach the fenced-in work area go to the right of the fence and make your way along the fence towards the pond.

The bird was photographed and last seen by multiple observers at 7:30am on April 21st. There were no subsequent sightings later in the day despite multiple observers looking.

Map to location of bird HERE

This is the 23rd record for the province of BC.

Black Phoebe in Coquitlam - Photo: John Reynolds
Black Phoebe in Coquitlam - Photo: Melissa Hafting

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

RBA: GREAT-TAILED GRACKLE in Vancouver, Richmond and Point Roberts - May 11-Sept 1st

On March 11th-2018, Shelley Ide found a bird she did not recognize on the sidewalk of W. 4th Ave in Vancouver. At the time she had identified the bird as a female Boat-tailed Grackle. On the afternoon of April 17th-2018, Aaron Zacharias found the same bird in a vacant lot on W. 4th Ave between Alma St. and Highbury St. Aaron identified it as well as a female Boat-tailed Grackle. After Robert Lee relocated it this evening and provided a photo. I was able to help identify it to species and the bird is actually a female Great-tailed Grackle, which is a great bird nonetheless. Congrats to the finders. The bird has a limp but is doing ok it is eating and flying ok.

Map to exact location HERE. The bird has also been seen on a balcony next to the parking lot off Point Grey Rd for Jericho Park.

This is the 5th record for the province of BC and 1st record for Metro Vancouver.

A news article of the bird can be found HERE

The bird continues in the same vacant lot as of May 7th.

On May 8th and 12th, the Grackle was relocated at Cecil Green Park near UBC.

On July 14th, the bird was seen at the Iona inner ponds before flying towards the Fraser River.

On Aug 3rd-11th, the bird continues near the boardwalk of the outer pond by the parking lot at Iona.

On Sept 1st - Ken Klimo relocated the bird HERE on the rocks at Point Roberts, WA near the marina. The bird sadly now has a broken foot.

Female Great-tailed Grackle in Vancouver - Photos: Melissa Hafting
Female Great-tailed Grackle in Vancouver - Photo: Janice White