Wednesday, December 30, 2015

RBA: Lesser Goldfinch in Abbotsford, Dec 30th - March 30th

Update: It has not been relocated since March 30th.

On Feb 9th, Chris and Sandi Buis relocated what they thought was the Lesser Goldfinch at the same location. The bird was seen again by Rick Toochin on Feb 11th and the ID was confirmed.

On Dec 30th, Rick Toochin and Chris Buis found a female Lesser Goldfinch at his feeders behind his hotel "The Brooksisde Inn" at 2379 Chardonnay Lane in Abbotsford. The property is open to the public but please do not point bins or camera lenses at the hotel windows which could disturb hotel guests.  Also remember to keep your voices down when visiting the property. The bird is actively feeding at various feeders at the back and sides of the property and best viewing is from the grassy field in behind the property. On Jan 8th a Common Redpoll was seen feeding alongside the Lesser Goldfinch.

Photo: Becke Sawatzky
Photo: Peter Candido

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

RBA: BROWN THRASHER in Revelstoke, Dec 28-April 8th

On Dec 28th,  Patti Matsushita found a remarkable bird at her backyard feeder, a Brown Thrasher and her husband Mas was able to photograph the bird, which is continuing as of April 8th.

The yard is open to the public at 1100 Cottonwood Street in Revelstoke.  Best times to view the bird when it is usually actively feeding, are between 11:00 am and 2:00pm (PST). As always when visiting private property please be respectful of the owners' property and surrounding neighborhood.

This is the 38th record for the province of BC.

The bird has not been seen since April 8th.

Brown Thrasher in Revelstoke - Photo: Brian Stech
Brown Thrasher in Revelstoke - Photo: Reid Hildebrandt

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

RBA: Indigo Bunting in Port Coquitlam, Dec 21st-25th

On December 21st, John Findlay found an Immature Male Indigo Bunting at his backyard feeder. The bird was seen in a mixed flock of Dark-eyed Juncos and various Sparrows. Since then, the bird has been steadily returning to his feeder including on Dec 25th.

The home is not open to the public. 

The bird was last seen on December 25th.

Indigo Bunting in Coquitlam - Photos: Hilary Maguire

Saturday, December 19, 2015

RBA: REDWING in Victoria AGAIN! - Dec.19-April 14th

On December 19th during the Victoria CBC, Nathan Hentze and Mike Davis found a Redwing at about 13:45. The bird was first in a vacant lot on the east side of South Valley Dr. in Victoria (off of Wilkinson, near Victoria General Hospital). It then flew to the west side where another vacant lot is, and disappeared potentially into a large cedar tree. The house closest to these lots is 3940 S. Valley Dr. *Note that if viewing this area on Google Maps, south valley drive ends on both sides of these lots, and it shows up as a dead-end. This has since been paved, and the road now connects through. However, this gap on the map is exactly where the vacant lots are located. Some google earth maps of the area can be viewed at:

The road is relatively narrow here. Please do not park directly across from another parked vehicle as this may prevent service vehicles from getting through. There are several pull-outs on the road for visitor parking. There have been a couple incidents with an angry resident, so please do not use any driveways to turn around in, trespass, block vehicles, or anything else that might overstay birders' welcome in this neighbourhood.

Remarkably, this is the exact area where an out-of-town visitor photographed a Redwing on Dec. 16, 2013 (though unfortunately not known to the birding public until several months later).

The Redwing was still present through April 14th. The bird is mostly being seen in the holly tree and oaks in the lane behind 3957 South Valley Drive.

The bird has not been seen since April 14th.

This is the second record for BC.

Photo: Daniel Donnecke

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Summer Tanager in New Denver, Nov 8-16

Linda Norman found and photographed this Summer Tanager in her New Denver neighbourhood. It stuck around for 8 days but has not been seen since. If it re-appears we will update this report. This is the 4th record of the species for BC.
Photo: Linda Norman

Monday, November 16, 2015

Tufted Duck at Salt Spring Island, Nov. 15

On the morning of Nov. 15, John Sprague found a Tufted Duck in Outer Ganges Harbour, Salt Spring Island. The bird was floating in a raft of 51 Red-breasted Mergansers, and several grebes. He described the bird as a juvenile.

The bird was about 300 m away near Third Sisters Island, and good scope views were obtained.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


On November 9th Geoffrey Newell found a finch near the corner of Beach Dr. and Newport Ave. at the Victoria Golf Course at 12:00 pm. The bird was reported to be very vocal, calling from a tree top and roof top. Initially identified as a Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch, photos that were subsequently posted appear to show an Oriental Greenfinch.

The call heard was described as a "rather soft, yet slightly husky, and obviously finch-like chortle, somewhat like 'prech prech prech' with 3-4 notes together".

The bird was not found during searches on Nov. 11th.

Two photos were obtained. The bottom picture here is a crop of one of these photos.
Photos: Geoffrey Newell

There are six subspecies of Oriental Greenfinch. Only one, C. s. kawarahiba, is generally considered to be able to vagrate to North America owing to its breeding range and migratory habits. Although the photo is poor, the deep chestnut breast and perhaps head pattern seem to fit this subspecies.

This bird was confirmed by the BC Bird Records Commitee as the first confirmed record for the province of British Columbia.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

NORTHERN PARULA at Vaseux Lake - Nov 5

This morning Jim Ginns, Janna Leslie and Paul Graham found a beautiful immature male Northern Parula! The bird was first seen at 9:15 am and was still present when they left at 10:45 am. It was foraging in the birch trees just before the start of the board walk. The bird stayed on the north side of the trail for the most part actively foraging in the birch. Paul Graham photographed the bird.

*Update - The bird has not been relocated on Nov 6th.*

Photo: Paul Graham

Monday, November 2, 2015

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher in Victoria - November 2

A Blue-gray Gnatcatcher was found the morning of November 2nd in Victoria near the Chinese Cemetary (at Crescent Rd/Penzance Rd east of Clover Point) by Mike and Barb McGrenere. The bird was seen until about 10:15 am. The bird was in some low bushes at the point before flying north of the point towards some houses and into a pine tree. It was reportedly calling and foraging.

The bird was not relocated on November 3rd.

This is the 17th record for the province of BC.
Photo: Aziza Cooper

Friday, October 30, 2015

FIELD SPARROW at Oliver's Landing (near Squamish), Oct. 30-31

A Field Sparrow was found by Ken Wright at Furry Creek, Oliver's Landing, at 4:10 pm on Oct. 30th. From the townhouses at Oliver's Landing there's a trail that follows the seashore; walk until you get to a couple of orange cones and some gravel. The bird was near the cones. The coordinates for the location are 49.5854 N, -123.2248 W.  This would be a first provincial record if accepted.
The bird was relocated just south of the same area associating with White-crowned sparrows on the morning of Oct 31st but was not relocated since.

Update: There have been no reports either positive or negative on this bird since one observer reported the bird first thing the morning of October 31st. Further updates by anybody looking are appreciated, and can be left in the comments section or emailed.

Photo: Ken Wright
Photo: Ken Wright

Sunday, October 25, 2015

BC First: WOOD THRUSH in Summerland, Oct 25-27th

Around 8:20 am on Sunday October 25th, Robyn, Tom, and Matthew Lowery looked out their window to find a stunning WOOD THRUSH in their back yard. This is 5816 Nixon Road in the village of Trout Creek (in between Summerland and Penticton). The bird was also viewed in The Campbell's neighboring driveway at 5618 Nixon Rd (Please stay on the driveway here to view the bird in the front yard). The bird was viewed again on Oct 26th and 27th by multiple observers in both locations!

If accepted, this would be a first for British Columbia. The Lowerys are open to visitors, and suggest "one can approach the backyard through a south gate and that morning might be the best time for find it" (Fide Laurie Rockwell)

The 5816 property hosted a Brambling in the winter of 2012/2013.

The bird was not seen on October 28th.

BC’s first Wood Thrush in Summerland - Photo: Ilya Povalyaev

Wood Thrush in Summerland - Photo: Peter Candido

Thursday, October 22, 2015

BROWN BOOBY (a different one) west of Bamfield, Oct. 20

Observers aboard a NOAA research vessel found an adult female Brown Booby on October 20th (Alicia Amerson). The bird was at N 48˚ 47.08" W 125˚ 20.62". This is about 9 km west of Cape Beale, near Bamfield, on Vancouver Island.

Numbers of Brown Boobies have been sighted all along the Pacific coast this fall, and more birds may yet be found by dedicated or lucky observers.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lesser Black-backed Gull, Abbotsford/Chilliwack area, Oct. 5-22

There have been multiple reports of a Lesser Black-backed Gull around Abbotsford/Chilliwack this month. On October 5-10 Rick Toochin reported an adult in the Matsqui Prairie area (Beharrel Rd). A bird matching the description of that individual was located on Chilliwack Central Rd. west of Gibson Rd. on Oct. 21 by Gord Gadsden. It was relocated on Sumas Central Rd. the following morning.

Friday, October 16, 2015


Kevin Louth found a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher at the North side of the Boundary Bay dyke this morning (Oct. 16). The bird was located in the hedgerow halfway between 104th Street and the pilings. It was viewed by multiple observers at 10:45 am as it moved rapidly through the tops of bushes and fed on insects. It was relocated at 12:45pm by Brent Diakow in shrubs on the North side of the dyke near the 104th airport parking lot.

The bird was photographed by Peter Candido.

The bird has not been seen since October 16th.

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher in Delta - Photo: Peter Candido

Sunday, October 11, 2015

BROWN BOOBY off Sooke, October 11-12th

On October 11th Cathy Carlson found a juvenile Brown Booby on a log about 3 miles south of Beechy Head (East Sooke). This is southwest of Race Rocks.

On October 12th in the late afternoon the/a booby was relocated floating on a log off of Silver Spray near East Sooke Park (Jeremy Gatten). The bird was >1 km distant. This is relatively close to Beechy Head, where the original sighting took place.

Anybody searching for this bird from shore would be advised to scan boat masts as well as any rocky islets or areas with heavy bird foraging activity in addition to any floating debris. Getting out on a boat would be the best method, allowing closer approach to Race Rocks and other areas. Boat rentals *may* be available from Pedder Bay Marina.

The bird has not been seen since October 12th.

Photo: Cathy Carlson

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

BLACK-THROATED BLUE WARBLER in Revelstoke, Oct 6-13th

On Oct 6th Darlene Cancelliere found a second rare warbler in her yard, a female Black-throated Blue Warbler. The bird was relocated in her yard on Oct 7th-13th. Her lucky streak did not end there; in addition to the continuing male Hooded Warbler she also found a Harris's Sparrow that turned up on Oct 6th.

This location is not open to the public.

The bird has not been seen since October 13th.

Female Black-throated Blue Warbler in Revelstoke - Photo: Darlene Cancelliere

Sunday, October 4, 2015

HOODED WARBLER in Revelstoke, Oct. 4-31st

On Oct 4th while sitting out in her yard Darlene Cancelliere saw an adult male Hooded Warbler fly into her  backyard. The bird flew in at 2:30 pm. Local birders have viewed the bird, and it has been photographed. The bird returned on Oct 5th-31st and came to a bird bath and bird feeder.

This location is not open to the public.

The bird has not been seen since October 31st.

This is the 9th record for BC.

Male Hooded Warbler in Revelstoke - Photo: Peter Candido


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

BLACK-THROATED SPARROW in Sooke - Sept 29-Oct 13th

On September 29th at 4 pm, Kim and Roger Beardmore found a juvenile Black-throated Sparrow at Whiffen Spit in Sooke.

Searches throughout the day on September 30th failed to locate the bird, until ~6 pm when the bird was relocated near the parking lot. It remained in the area for multiple birders to see.

It has most frequently been observed in the area between the parking lot and the outer beach. The sparrow has been described as being very tame and approachable, and actively feeding throughout the day. It was also heard vocalizing.

The bird was last seen on October 13th. 

Photo: Donna Ross

Monday, September 28, 2015

ORCHARD ORIOLE on Balaklava Island - Sept 28-30th

British Columbia has a bit of a history with good birds being turned up by lighthouse keepers.  We are fortunate to have a relatively new recruit to the birding community in Ivan Dubinsky, who is stationed at the Scarlett Point Lighthouse on Balaklava Island.  The island sits 18 kilometres northwest of Port Hardy near the north end of Vancouver Island, and naturally this makes it an interesting spot with solid potential for rarities.

Ivan's first good score was a Tropical Kingbird last year.  Today (September 28), he upped the ante with a fantastic bird: an Orchard Oriole!  This species has been documented more frequently over the past 10 years, but overall there are still fewer than 10 records for the province.

The bird was still present on September 30th, the 3rd day in a row it was seen.

The bird has not been seen since Sept 30th.

The bright lemon yellow underparts and slightly-decurved, shorter bill point to Orchard Oriole (Photo: Ivan Dubinsky)

Friday, September 25, 2015

RUFF in Delta, Sept 25th

On Sept 25 at 3:00pm, Kevin Louth found a juvenile male Ruff at the wood pilings East of 96th St on the dyke at Boundary Bay in Delta. The bird was later relocated by multiple observers at the foot of 96th St. The bird was best viewed by a scope and came no closer than 80 metres from the dyke. The bird was in a Black-bellied Plover flock with one Marbled, Bar-tailed and Hudsonian Godwit therin.

The flock took off just before 7pm and was not relocated.

Photo credit: Peter Candido (Ruff is bird in the grass to the left)
Photo credit: Peter Candido (Ruff is unbanded and in flight)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

WHITE-FACED IBIS in Revelstoke

A Plegadis ibis was found on September 24th at the airport ponds in Revelstoke by Dusty Veideman, and later seen and photographed by additional people an hour or so later. Immature/winter plumages of White-faced Ibis can be challenging to differentiate from Glossy Ibis (which has not yet been recorded in the province).

A White-faced Ibis was recorded from this same general area on May 17th, 2015 (see the May archives for details).

Photo: Dusty Veideman

Monday, September 21, 2015

FERRUGINOUS HAWK in Creston, Sep. 20

On September 20th a Ferruginous Hawk was found in Creston by Jim Lawrence. The bird was seen off of Kootenay River Road, where it was perched on a fence post in the distance. It eventually flew closer to the road, and was seen for at least 2 hours, beginning at 10:30 am.

Photo: Jim Lawrence

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Chestnut-sided Warbler in Castlegar, September 17

On September 17th a Chestnut-sided Warbler was found at Twin Rivers Park in Castlegar by Craig Sandvig. It was first seen at 11 am and present at least through the early afternoon that day. There have been no reports on subsequent dates.

The bird was at the beginning of the Millennium Walkway Trail that starts at the end of 3rd St. It was in the shrubby/forested section at the start of this trail, but did not go past the bench overlooking the river.

This is the 60th record for the province of BC.

Photo: Craig Sandvig

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


An immature male Blackburnian Warbler was found September 7 at approximately 3 pm in Hope by Rick Toochin. The bird was found in the trees along the far north edge of the property at 62180 Delair Rd.

This property is apparently open to the public. 

Update: Two observers could not relocate the bird on September 8th, and it may have migrated out of the area. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Brown Booby In Knight Inlet - Aug 28th

A Brown Booby was photographed by Derek Kyostia in Knight Inlet on August 28.  The bird was at 126 06.694 W, 50 39.854 N.

Photo: Derek Kyostia

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

BC FIRST: BLUE GROSBEAK, Metchosin - Aug. 25

A Blue Grosbeak was found the morning of August 25th at Rocky Point, Metchosin, by Ann Nightingale. The bird was seen for several minutes where it perched in the cattails at the edge of a pond after flying in from a grassy field. The bird was calling repeatedly during the several minute observation.

Important note: Rocky Point is on Department of National Defense land. There is no public visitation of this site.

This is the first confirmed photographed record for the province of British Columbia.

Words defy me. Blue Grosbeak, Metchosin. Photo: Ann Nightingale
Additional photos and an audio/visual clip can be seen at

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Little Stint in Ladner!

Kevin Louth found a Juvenile Little Stint between 104th and 112th at Boundary Bay at 3:30pm on August 8th. The bird flew in on its own calling and was last seen flying East.

More details will be posted here as they come in.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Apparent LITTLE STINT at Pantage Lake near Quesnel

August 2 - Rod Sargent photographed this small shorebird at Pantage Lake that most agree looks like an adult Little Stint in fading alternate plumage. Pantage Lake (NW of Quesnel in central BC) is continuing to turn up some fantastic birds thanks to regular coverage by Rod and fellow Quesnel birder Adrian Leather. Past highlights from this site include recording 20+ Sharp-tailed Sandpipers at one time, 2 Ruffs, Buff-breasted Sandpiper, and presumed nesting Arctic Tern. *Unfortunately, access to the site is very difficult as it is mostly surrounded by private land and the lake is fringed with expansive marshy vegetation so requires several hours of tough kayaking/canoeing even if you know where to go. As far as I know, the bird has not been re-sighted.
Features suggestive of Little Stint include bight orange tones to the face, colour, wing-coverts, and especially the tertials (Red-necked Stints tent to have dull tertials), pale throat, and overall structure. Peep identification, particularly in molt can be a tricky task so please comment if you have reason to believe this is NOT a Little Stint (Photo: Rod Sargent).

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

White-tailed Kite in Lower Mainland, August 4 and 14

Peter Candido spotted a White-tailed Kite at 9:30 am on August 4th at the Iona Island sewage ponds. The bird was originally located over the SW corner of the SW inner pond, where it was interacting and calling with a juvenile Peregrine Falcon. The bird was last seen flying off as it flew towards the Fraser River. Another observer reportedly heard a bird that sounded like a White-tailed Kite early in the morning of August 5th, but further searches throughout the day could not locate the bird.

On Aug 14th at 12pm, Joshua Brown and his father relocated what they believe to be a White-tailed Kite at Hoskins and Westover Rds (near Lynn Canyon) in North Vancouver (as it flew over them). Josh described what they say: "It had a very noticeabley long, thin tail, and broad, tapered wings. I would say its wingspan was about a metre. The head didn't project far beyond the wings. It looked quite greyish from below. It flew with a couple flaps, then a long glide. It continued that flight pattern the whole time I saw it."

Friday, July 31, 2015

Whooping Crane(s) summering in BC?

On June 14 two Whooping Cranes were seen flying north near Fintry (west side of Okanagan Lake) (P. Blokker). A second late-report of a single Whooping Crane just came in, this time from Scout Island at Williams Lake. On the evening of July 23rd a single Whooping Crane was observed flying out of the marsh and heading southeast, potentially to some roost site (J. Heal). 

These two sight-records and the time of year allude to possible summering of Whooping Cranes in the province. Such an event is not unprecedented, with two Whooping Cranes having spent June 30th to August 28th, 2003 being seen sporadically between Prince George and McBride. 

Monday, July 20, 2015


Just before 8am on July 20th, Graham Ford photographed a Crested Caracara preening along the North Nanaimo Shore (Just west of Entwhistle Drive, off Hammond Bay Rd).  The bird was last seen flying off to the south.  The same bird may have been seen flying past Neck Point (Just west of Piper's Lagoon) on July 16th. Updates and any further sightings would be appreciated.

Update: The report of the bird being seen around noon at Piper's Lagoon on the 20th was apparently in error. The first and last verified sighting was around 8 am on July 20th.

Photo: Graham Ford

Thursday, July 16, 2015

MAGNIFICENT HUMMINGBIRD Relocated in Lillooet - July 10-11th

There have been no sightings of the hummingbird since July 11th.

On July 10th and 11th the Magnificent Hummingbird frequented a private residence in the Lillooet area. Currently no public viewing opportunities exist.

In this series of photos the huge size of the Magnificent Hummingbird is clearly visible compared to the regulars below. Photos copyright: Annessa Terry

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

DICKCISSEL near Revelstoke, July 11th.

A female/immature-type Dickcissel was found at Montana Slough, south of Revelstoke, on July 11 by Devon Anderson. The bird was seen and heard, and a recording of the call was obtained.

This is the 25th record for the province of BC.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

RBA: July 7 - Lesser Black-backed Gull in Salmon Arm!

On July 7th, Allan and Reba Dupilka found a 3rd year Lesser Black-backed Gull in Salmon Arm, representing what is likely the first July record for BC.

The bird was located at Shuswap Lake near the pillings which are west of the wharf at Salmon Arm Bay. The gull was flocking with Ring-billed Gulls.

Lesser Black-backed Gull in Salmon Arm - Photo: Allan Dupilka

Friday, July 10, 2015

MAGNIFICENT HUMMINGBIRD north of Kamloops - July 4th

July 4--This apparent adult male Magnificent Hummingbird was photographed at a private residence in the Bridge Lake area north of Kamloops, BC. If accepted, this would constitute the first record for British Columbia, a first for Canada(as far as I can tell), and the most northerly record of the species in the World (Mags regularly only occur as far north as Arizona and New Mexico).
Apparently it has not been seen since the first day. For the time being, the homeowners have requested to keep the exact location private.
If the status changes, I will update this post.

Friday, May 29, 2015

RBA: May 28 - FERRUGINOUS HAWKS in Kelowna and Knutsford!

On May 28th, Ten Birders on a BCFO field trip found a Light morph adult Ferruginous Hawk at 8:30 am on Beaver Lake Road in Kelowna.

The bird was flying North at Kilometer 2 just before the log yard on the East side of the road.

The bird was reported by Logan Lalonde, one of the co-leaders with Don Wilson of the BCFO - Kelowna field trip.

*Late report RBA:  An adult Light morph Ferruginous Hawk was also seen on May 16th by Rick Toochin. The bird was flying North over Separation Lake in Knutsford,  alongside a Light morph Rough-legged Hawk and a Swainson's Hawk.

A Roughie and a Ferruginous in this area, at this time of year, are both fantastic birds!

It is great to hear about both these BC Ferruginous Hawk sightings, in the month of May!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Loggerhead Shrike May 26th Hope Airport

Another Loggerhead Shrike was found by Gord Gadsden at Hope Airport. For more details click here

Monday, May 25, 2015

RBA: May 24 - LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE in Revelstoke

Catherine Craig found a single Loggerhead Shrike at 6:15 am on the grassy flats south of Machete Island in Revelstoke near the Airport on May 24th!!

This is the third Loggerhead Shrike for that exact location in 6 years!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

RBA: BROWN THRASHER in Kootenay National Park, May 21

A Brown Thrasher was observed and photographed in the Kootenay River Day Use Area at Kootenay National Park north of Radium at 8 AM on May 21 (Frank Chappell, et al) and was not seen since.

This is the 37th record for the province of BC.

Brown Thrasher. Kootenay National Park. May 21 (Frank Chappell).

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

RBA: HAWAIIAN PETREL off the West Coast of Vancouver Island - May 19th

At 3pm on May 19-2015, Ilya Povalyaev, Mike & Sharon Toochin, Peter Candido, Gary Rosenberg and Paul Lehman and his WINGS tour group, saw a Hawaiian Petrel as it crossed the bow of their Princess cruise ship. The bird was approximately 27 km SW of the Brooks Peninsula (49.91 N, 128.13 W).

Map to approx location HERE

They noted the high arcing flight typical of Pterodroma petrels. It had pointed wings, a long attenuated tail and was gleaming white below and very dark above (darker than Cookilaria petrels). No photos were obtained.

This record also appears in:
Lehman, P. 2016. Pelagic Birds from Cruise Ships Along the Pacific Coast: Southern California to Southwestern Alaska, 1995-2016. North American Birds. 69(3): 316-341.

Monday, May 18, 2015

RBA: GREEN-TAILED TOWHEE in Golden - May 18th

On May 18th Doug Leighton found a Green-tailed Towheer at his home near Golden. This was a one day wonder and was last seen feeding at 6 PM on the 18th.

This is the 11th record for BC.

Green-tailed Towhee. Golden, May 18 (Doug Leighton).

Sunday, May 17, 2015

White-faced Ibis in Revelstoke - May 17th

On May 17, Wayne and Brent Diakow found an adult White-faced Ibis in Revelstoke. The bird was seen at 10:40 am when it flew in and landed in the marsh just north of the Revelstoke airport. The bird was not seen since.

Friday, May 15, 2015

May 13 - Aug 10: A dozen White-faced Ibis at Separation Lake near Kamloops

Rick Howie reports a group of a dozen WHITE-FACED IBIS at Separation Lake, located south of Kamloops along Hwy 5A. The birds were feeding at the north end of the lake where a road will allow fairly close access, though please be careful not to flush the birds. Rick saw the ibis at about 4 PM on May 15.

Update: These birds were originally located by Chris Chutter on May 13th, but the sighting may not have been known to many. As of May 24 two birds were seen at Separation Lake in Knutsford. As of May 25 two Ibises were present at Separation Lake in Princeton off Summerland Rd. On August 10 an  observer saw 4 Ibises at the main parking lot at Beaver Ranch Flats (on Hwy 5A - North of Merritt near Quilchena).

The birds have not been seen since August 10th.

White-faced Ibis at Separation Lake, near Kamloops. Part of flock of 12. May 15 (Rick Howie).

Sunday, May 10, 2015

RBA: Ross's Goose in Ladner May 10 -16th

RBA: On May 10, 2015, Ben Keen found a single Ross's Goose with a flock of 57 Snow Geese (with one dark morph) right in the farmer's field just south of the parking lot at Brunswick Point in Ladner!

As of  10:00 am on May 16th the bird was last seen in the grassy field on river road just east of the plowed field by the Brunswick Point parking lot with a flock of 50+ Snow Geese (with 1 juvenile blue goose). The bird was relocated by Steve Ansell the morning of May 11th and multiple observers thereafter. The bird is easily viewed with bins (when in field near road).  A Scope is required when the bird is in distant fields.

There has been no sightings since May 16th.

*In this photo by Brian Stech you can see the bird is close to the road in a grassy field and easily viewed by bins. 
All identifying characteristics are clearly visible in this photo: 
bright white bird, small size, stubby small pink bill and prominent dark eye.*
 *In this in-flight photo (L) by Peter Candido and flock photo (R) by Ben Keen, you can see the overall size and 
beak difference of the Ross's Goose as compared to the larger Snow Geese!* 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Great Egret at Brunswick Point in Ladner!

On May 7, 2015,  Richard Swanston found a single Great Egret at Brunswick Point. The bird was first seen at the bay on the high but falling tide on the Eastern side of Brunswick Point. It was later chased off by a Bald Eagle and went to the far Southern area of the marsh. After this, another Bald Eagle chased it off to the far South West corner of the marsh.

Update **The bird was later relocated at the SW point of  Brunswick Point marsh but has not been relocated as of May 8. **

Photo: Richard Swanston

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May 5-6--Hooded Oriole in Chilliwack!

A first-summer male Hooded Oriole was photographed coming to a hummingbird feeder at a private residence in Chilliwack. The bird was present multiple times on May 5 and 6.

The location is on private property and there are no public viewing opportunities for this feeder. Birders may get lucky viewing it on Broadway Street between Airport Rd. and Brooks Ave.

The home owner has had no sightings of this bird so far on May 7.

Not your average hummingbird! Orioles are notorious 
hummingbird feeder bandits, but the sight of a Hooded 
Oriole at a B.C. feeder just tastes that much sweeter.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Costa's Hummingbird in Burnaby - May 3rd

This male Costa's hummingbird showed up on May 3, 2015 at a feeder at a private home in North Burnaby.
The location is not open to the public.

The bird has not been relocated as of May 3rd.

This is the 26th record for BC.

Photo: Pat Stephens

Friday, April 3, 2015

Loggerhead Shrike Hope Airport April 3-4

Jamie and Gord Gadsden located a Loggerhead Shrike at Hope Airport.

The bird was not seen on April 5th.

Photo: Jamie Gadsden

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cassin's Finch in Atlin!

Well folks it's been a slow winter for unusual sightings in British Columbia (at least on a provincial scale), so I thought I would post this remarkable feeder report from Atlin, British Columbia. This is our first report ever on the blog from Atlin so that's exciting in its own right! Not far from the Yukon border, one would not expect too much diversity at a bird feeder, but as you can see from Cameron Eckert's report below--the finches are putting on a show!

Cameron was following up on a report/photos of a potential Cassin's Finch seen by Hein and Wil de Vries in late January. On Feb 2 he made the drive down from Whitehorse and followed up with this report]

"It was -30C when I left Whitehorse at 7:30am this morning, and 2 hours later rolled into Atlin, just in time for sunrise, where it was a pleasant -24C with a light north wind. It was a stunning blue-sky day with a curtain of ice fog drifting over Atlin Lake which has yet to freeze. Despite the current cold snap, it's been a record-warm winter.

The de Vries' yard was awash in Pine Siskins when I arrived, though the first two birds I spotted were the Cassin's Finch and the American Tree Sparrow. Over the next couple of hours I also tallied 3 Purple Finches, 20 Common Redpolls, 8 Pine Grosbeaks, 1 Downy Woodpecker, 1 adult White-crowned Sparrow, 2 Dark-eyed Juncos, and 6 Common Ravens, as well as a flock of 53 Snow Buntings in the meadow across the street. 

There is only one Yukon winter record for Purple Finch, so I assume that it's similarly rare in winter in Atlin. This is the first record that I know of for Cassin's Finch in Atlin -- thanks to Hein and Wil for getting the word out about these interesting birds.

Cassin's Finch (Photo: C. Eckert). Note the bold streaks in the undertail and relatively straight culmen.
When I dropped by later in the day, the Cassin's Finch was singing a long rambling "subsong" -- fairly easy to pick out from the cacophony of siskins."

--Cameron Eckert

**So, first record for Atlin, and possibly the northern most Canadian record of the species?**