Sunday, April 28, 2024

RBA: BRAMBLING in Quesnel - April 26th

On April 26-2024, a Brambling hit Leanne Davies’s window at her private home in Puntchesakut Lake near Quesnel. The bird survived and flew off once recovered.

Brambling in Quesnel - Photo: Leanne Davies

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

RBA: ORIENTAL TURTLE-DOVE in Surrey - April 17-24th

At 4:36pm on April 17-2024, Cos van Wermeskerken found an Oriental Turtle-Dove sitting on the grass at the edge of the slough near Dunsmuir St at Blackie Spit.

He watched the bird for a few mins before it flew west and high over the intersection of Dunsmuir St.and Gilley St. He was unable to relocate the bird.

Map to location of where he saw the bird is HERE

This is the 4th record for BC and is listed as ABA Code 4.

At 6:55pm on April 18th, Ilya Povalyaev and Melissa Hafting relocated the dove at a feeder at a private home at the corner of Agar St and McBride Ave. 

Map to location HERE

Please be respectful of private property and do not block driveways or point cameras at windows of private homes.

The bird was briefly there before flying south and high at 7:05pm over Sullivan Street.

On April 24th, the bird continued at the same feeder and has been viewed by multiple observers.

The bird was not relocated on April 25 or 26, despite multiple observers looking.

**Please do not spread seed down in the neighborhood at the request of homeowners, as it can attract rats**

Oriental Turtle-Dove in Surrey - Photo: Eric Ellingson

Oriental Turtle-Dove in Surrey, BC - Photos: Ilya Povalyaev

Oriental Turtle-Dove in Surrey - Photo: Cos van Wermeskerken 

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

RBA: KING EIDER in Ucluelet - April 10-11th

At 10:30 am on April 10-2024, Chris Coxson found a female King Eider in a large mixed Scoter flock of over 900 birds off of Little Beach in Ucluelet.

Map to location of bird HERE

Best spot for birders to stand and view the bird is HERE on Little Beach

This is the 41st record for BC.

The bird continued in the same on April 11th and was viewed by multiple observers. It has not been relocated since.

King Eider in Ucluelet - Photos: Chris Coxson

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

RBA: BLACK PHOEBE in Langley - April 3-5th

At 9 am on April 3-2024, Cos van Wermeskerken found an adult Black Phoebe calling at the NW corner of Brydon Lagoon.

Map to location HERE

This is the 46th record for BC.

On April 5th, the Black Phoebe continued in the same spot and had been viewed by multiple observers.

On April 6th, the bird was not relocated, despite multiple observers looking.

Black Phoebe in Langley - Photos: Cos van Wermeskerken