Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands

To report rare birds or sightings of interest in this area and to submit pictures, please email Jeremy Gatten at

Palm Warbler (1)
Location: Panama Flats; Victoria, here
Date: November 15 (G. Newell) to December 4 (multiple observers)
Palm Warbler in Victoria (Photo: Geoffrey Newell)

Rusty Blackbird (1)
Location: In large blackbird flock at Mitchell's Farm; Saanich
Date: November 25 to December 3 (L. Peterson and K. Fryer)

Harris's Sparrow (1)
Location: In junco flock in the hedgerow at the Raspberry Fields on John Rd near Littlewood Rd; Saanich 
Date: December 3 (N. Hughes)

Tropical Kingbird (1)
Location: Martindale Flats, Central Saanich; observed by pig farm, here
Date: October 31 (J. Gatten) to November 30 (multiple observers)
Tundra Swan (Bewick's) (1)
Location: Here at Hilliers Farm, Hilliers
Date: November 11 (G. Monty) to 28 (multiple observers)
Tundra Bewick’s Swan in Qualicum Beach - Photo: Guy Monty

Location: Last seen here in field off Piercy Rd. here in field off Dove Creek Rd. Previously seen here in field off Charter Rd. Also seen here in field on Marsden Rd. First seen on Private Property, here; Courtenay
Date: November 19 (J. MacKenzie, N. and I. Haigh) to 26 (multiple observers)
Whooper Swan in Courtenay (Photo: James MacKenzie)
Tropical Kingbird (1)
Location: Last seen at the west end of Main St near the hostel. First seen on telephone wire on Olsen Rd; Tofino
Date: November 10 (A. Dorst) to 27 (multiple observers)

Tropical Kingbird (2)
Location: Helen Rd and Matterson Dr, Ucluelet
Date: October 26 (I. Cruickshank) to November 25 (multiple observers)
Tropical Kingbird in Ucluelet (Photo: Adrian Dorst)

Whimbrel (1)
Location: Esquimalt Lagoon, Colwood; seen near "the hump" half way down on the lagoon side and by the bridge
Date: October 1 (G. Newhouse) to November 24 (multiple observers)

Yellow-billed Loon (1)
Location: Ucluelet Harbour
Date: November 24 (M. Shepard)

ARCTIC LOON (1, Probable)
Location: Scoped from McMicking Point, before flying west; Victoria
Date: November 23 (G. Newell)
Probable Arctic Loon in Victoria (Photo: Geoffrey Newell)

Redhead (1)
Location: King's Pond; Saanich
Date: November 23 (M. Robichaud) 

Location: Here at Glencoe-cove Kwatsech Park; Victoria 
Date: November 21 (D. Geller)
Prairie Warbler in Victoria (Photo: Danielle Geller)

Redhead (2)
Location: In pond on Crown Isle Blvd near Ryan Rd; Courtenay
Date: November 13 (A. Martell) to 20 (multiple observers)

Palm Warbler (1)
Location: NE fields, north of the farm buildings at Longview Farms; Saanich
Date: November 20 (N. Hughes)

Yellow-billed Loon (2)
Location: Little Qualicum Estuary, Qualicum Beach; here
Date: August 18 (C. Carlson) to November 18 (multiple observers)

Yellow-headed Blackbird (1)
Location: Flying over Boulderhill Park; Victoria
Date: Novemeber 18 (S. Futehally)

Rusty Blackbird (1 male and 1 female)
Location: Martindale Flats, Central Saanich; observed by pig farm, here
Date: November 9 (G. Newell) to 17 (multiple observers) 

Redhead (1)
Location: Near boardwalk at Swan Lake; Victoria
Date: November 10 (A. Cooper) to 17 (multiple observers)

Redhead (1)
Location: Centre berm at Panama Flats; Saanich
Date: November 15 (L. Peterson)

Mountain Bluebird (1)
Location: SW shore of Sandy Island here; Denman Island
Date: November 14 (M. Munro)

Tropical Kingbird (1)
Location: Long Beach, Tofino
Date: November 8 (Q. Klassen) to 14 (multiple observers)

Redhead (1)
Location: Upper Trout pond at Royal Roads University; Colwood
Date: November 13 (R. Robinson)

Whimbrel (1)
Location: Wickanninish Beach; Tofino 
Date: November 13 (W. Cranny)

Ruddy Turnstone (1)
Location: West side of Flora Islet; Hornby Island
Date: November 12 (N. Haigh)

Rusty Blackbird (1)
Location: In mixed blackbird flock at eastern end of Sandown Centre; Saanich
Date: November 11 (N. Hughes) to 12 (multiple observers) 

Redhead (1)
Location: Sewage ponds at Somass Estuary; Port Alberni
Date: November 5 (D. Korver) to 12 (G. Monty)

Redhead (1)
Location: Here at Viaduct Flats; Saanich
Date: November 11 (P. Thompson)

Location: Somass Estuary, Port Alberni; in sewage lagoons, here
Date: November 8 (N. Beaulac) to 10 (multiple observers)
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper in Port Alberni (Photo: Penny Hall)

Location: Panama Flats, Saanich; here and here in blackberry brambles
Date: November 6 (S. Roias and A. Rousseau) to 9 (multiple observers)
Bell's Vireo in Victoria (Photo: Amelie Rouseau)

Harris's Sparrow (1)
Location: Cuthbert Holmes Park, Saanich; near Admirals Rd entrance
Date: November 8 (J. Gaskin) to 9 (multiple observers)

Yellow-billed Loon (1)
Location: Port McNeill; near BC Ferries dock
Date: November 1 (G. Alexon) to 8 (G. Curry)

Tropical Kingbird (1)
Location: Blenkinsop Lake, Saanich; along Lochside Trail just south of Don Mann Excavating
Date: November 7 (P. Fair)

Harris's Sparrow (1)
Location: 481 Regency Place; Colwood
Date: November 7 (M. Preston)

Tropical Kingbird (2)
Location: Whiffin Spit, Sooke; just north of the parking lot, here
Date: November 5 (E. Larson et al.) to 6 (multiple observers)

BLACK-CAPPED CHICKADEE (1), first Vancouver Island record
Location: Island View Beach Regional Park, Central Saanich; observed here and here
Date: August 20 (A. Jacobs) to 22, 2021 (multiple observers), relocated March 25 (G. Newell) to November 5 (multiple observers); this bird is present in the same location as it was first reported in August last year, so odds are overwhelming that it represents a continuing bird.

American Tree Sparrow (1)
Location: In campsite on the beach next to main walking trail at Island View Beach; Saanich 
Reported: November 5 (N. Hughes)

Clay-coloured Sparrow (1)
Location: Central berm at Panama Flats; Saanich 
Date: November 5 (L. Peterson)

Location: Martindale Flats, Central Saanich; along Martindale Rd near Lochside Dr
Date: November 4 (J. Gaskin)
Bobolink in Saanich (Photo: Keith Taylor)

Northern Mockingbird (1)
Location: Nanaimo River Estuary, Nanaimo; near the parking lot, here
Date: November 4 (C. Carlson)

Yellow-billed Loon (1)
Location: Tofino; 300 m southeast of crab dock off Olson Rd 
Date: November 2 (A. Dorst)
Yellow-billed Loon in Tofino (Photo: Adrian Dorst)

Tropical Kingbird (2-3)
Location: Jordan River; first pullout after Queesto buildings - one bird initially, but at least two seen on October 31
Date: October 26 (J. Bertrands et al.) to 31 (M. Bentley)

Tropical Kingbird (1)
Location: Port Renfrew; townsite near river outlet
Date: October 26 (J. Bertrands et al.) to 31 (M. Bentley)

Franklin’s Gull (1)
Location: Little Qualicum Estuary, Qualicum Beach; among flock of Bonaparte’s Gulls, here
Date: October 31 (G. Monty)

Harris’s Sparrow (1)
Location: Uplands Park, Oak Bay; in meadows here and here off Dorset Rd 
Date: October 7 (G. Newell) to 31 (multiple observers)
Harris's Sparrow in Victoria (Photo: Geoffrey Newell)

Location: Ucluelet; in grassy field at end of spit, here
Date: October 24 (I. Cruickshank) to 31 (multiple observers)
1 of 2 Eurasian Skylarks (pekinensis group) in Ucluelet (Photo: Adrian Dorst)

Redhead (1)
Location: Courtenay; in pond here
Date: October 30 (N. Haigh)

Pacific Golden-Plover (1)
Location: On beach in front of Community Park; Parksville
Date: October 29 (G. Monty)

Tropical Kingbird (1)
Location: Florencia Bay, Ucluelet
Date: October 28 (M. Boudreau)

Redhead (2)
Location: Esquimalt Lagoon, Colwood
Date: October 20 (D. Bell) to 28 (multiple observers)

Tropical Kingbird (2)
Location: Port McNeill; near BC Ferries terminal, here
Date: October 28 (G. Alexon)

Tropical Kingbird (1)
Location: Beacon Hill Park, Victora; seen by beach directly south of the summit
Date: October 27 (D. Dahl)

Palm Warbler (2)
Location: Port Renfrew; townsite
Date: October 26 (J. Bertrands et al.)

Blue Jay (1)
Location: Prospect Lake, Saanich
Date: October 26 (B. Burton)

Clay-colored Sparrow (1)
Location: Esquimalt Lagoon, Colwood; south end on the lagoon side
Date: October 17 (C. Acquroff) to 24 (multiple observers)
Clay-colored Sparrow in Colwood (Photo: Keith Taylor)

Harris’s Sparrow (1)
Location: Saanich; private residence (open to public, contact RBA)
Date: October 14 to 24 (C. Hughes)

Yellow-billed Loon (1 adult)
Location: Otter Point, Sooke
Date: October 22 (D. Donnecke) to 23 (multiple observers)

Location: Clover Point, Victoria; observed here
Date: October 22 (M. Nugent, L. Peterson, M. Robichaud)
Smith’s Longspur in Victoria (Photo: Jody Wells)

Tropical/Western Kingbird (1)
Location: Private Home; Tofino
Reported: October 22 (K. Brown)

Harris’s Sparrow (1)
Location: 500 m from washrooms on the lagoon side in mixed sparrow flock at Esquimalt Lagoon; Colwood
Reported: October 20 (K. Sutherland)

Brown Pelicans (50)
Location: Here off Oak Bay; Victoria 
Date: October 19 (A. Janzen)

Great Egret (1)
Location: Boat Basin; Ucluelet
Date: October 18 (fide I. Cruickshank)

Lewis’s Woodpecker (1)
Location: 608 Willow St; Parksville
Date: October 14 (N. Dawe) to 15 (multiple observers)
Lewis’s Woodpecker in Parksville (Photo: Cathy Carlson)

Northern Mockingbird (1)
Location: Cuthbert Holmes Park, Saanich; observed around here
Date: September 26 (A. Wyatt) to October 15 (multiple observers)
Northern Mockingbird in Victoria (Photo: Aziza Cooper)

Marbled Godwit (1)
Location: Billings Spit, at river mouth; Sooke
Date: October 15 (L. Singh)

Northern Waterthrush (1)
Location: 2494 Arbutus Rd at UVic Queenswood Campus, Saanich: on grassy lawn
Date: October 11 (C. Reader) to 13 (multiple observers) 

Great Egret (1)
Location: Grice Bay, Tofino
Date: October 12 (S. Tyne)

Palm Warbler (1)
Location: Rocky Point Bird Observatory, Metchosin; restricted access
Date: October 12 (D. Bell)

Location: Beverly St Dyke Trail, Duncan; along western fenceline in the field here
Date: October 9 (J. Gatten) to 11 (multiple observers)
Smith's Longspur in Duncan - note the buffy wash to the underparts (Photo: Joachim Bertands)

Brown Pelican (4)
Location: Ross Bay; Victoria
Date: October 11 (C. Springnotic)

Marbled Godwit (1)
Location: Cherry Point Nature Park off Garnett Rd; Duncan
Date: October 11 (D. Aldcroft)

Location: Glencoe Cove Park, here; Victoria 
Date: October 8 (A. Jacobs) to 10 (multiple observers)
Tropical Kingbird in Victoria (Photo: Les Peterson)

Swainson's Hawk (1)
Location: Flying NE over Uplands Park; Victoria 
Date: October 10 (G. Newell)

Brown Pelican (30 adults)
Location: Pacheedaht Beach; Port Renfrew
Date: October 10 (Glenn Christensen)

Lark Sparrow (1)
Location: Hornby Island
Date: October 10 (Randy Finlay)

Whimbrel (1)
Location: Flying by Amphitrite Point; Ucluelet
Date: October 10 (I. Cruickshank)

Ruddy Turnstone (1)
Location: Whiffin Spit, Sooke; by breakwater
Date: October 9 (D. Bell)

Location: San Juan River Estuary; Port Renfrew
Date: October 3 (L. Van Driel) to 7 (C. and B. Mackie)

Rusty Blackbird (1)
Location: In Brewer’s Blackbird flock at Haigh’s Farm, here; Courtenay
Date: October 7 (N.Haigh)

Location: 70 km west of Brooks Peninsula
Date: October 6 (B. Mactavish)

Palm Warbler (1)
Location: Harling Point, Victoria; on the rocks along the beach
Date: October 6 (L. Singh)

Location: Ucluelet; here at head of spit
Date: October 1 to 4 (K. Bosch)

American Golden-Plover (1)
Location: Esquimalt Lagoon, Colwood; seen near "the hump" half way down on the lagoon side and by the bridge
Date: September 26 (C. Reader) to October 3 (multiple observers)

Clay-colored Sparrow (1)
Location: Ucluelet; here at head of spit
Date: October 1 to 3 (K. Bosch)

Location: Echo Bay Marina, Echo Bay
Date: October 2 (D. Lopez-Velasco)

Vesper Sparrow (1)
Location: Beverly St Dyke Trail, Duncan; in mixed sparrow flock here
Date: September 27 (A. Renton, K. Mills, and J. Gaskin) to 30 (multiple observers)
Bold eyering and malars that curl up to frame the auriculars are good features (Photo: Kirsten Mills)

Clay Colored Sparrow (1)
Location: Rocky Point Bird Observatory, Metchosin; restricted access
Date: September 30 (D. Bell)

Location: Beverly St Dyke Trail, Duncan; in mixed sparrow flock here
Date: September 27 (J. Gatten) to 29 (multiple observers)
This large, distinctive sparrow is always a treat on the coast! (Photo: Jeremy Gatten)

Location: Witty's Lagoon, Metchosin
Date: September 28 (S. Roberts)

Marbled Godwit (1)
Location: Whiffin Spit, Sooke; by parking lot
Date: September 24 (G. Newell)

RED-THROATED PIPIT (1, reported)
Location: Sandown Agricultural Lands, Glamorgan Rd, Sidney; among American Pipit flock here
Date: September 22 (J. Wells)

Northern Waterthrush (1)
Location: Beckwith Park, Saanich; southwest end of smaller pond
Date: August 22 (A. Jacobs) to September 22 (multiple observers)

Yellow-headed Blackbird (1)
Location: In the corn field at the corner of Puckle and Lamont Rd at Martindale Flats; Saanich
Date: September 15 to 22 (G. Newell)

Location: Cattle Point, Oak Bay; feeding here with Savannah Sparrows before flying towards the boat launch here
Date: September 20 (M. O’Shaughnessy, M. Keller, and G. Hart)
Lark Bunting in Victoria (Photo: Marie O’Shaughnessy)
Least Flycatcher (1)
Location: Here at Panama Flats; Victoria
Date: September 19 (E. Larson)

Vesper Sparrow (1)
Location: Mt. Tolmie, Saanich
Date: September 19 (C. Springnotic)

Location: 34 nautical miles WSW of Cape Scott
Date: September 18 (M. Wynja and M. Toochin)

Least Flycatcher (1)
Location: Uplands Park, north end of the central meadows; Victoria 
Date: September 16 (G. Newell)

Blue Jay (1)
Location: West side of the southern Equestrian Pond at Beaver Lake, Victoria
Date: September 16 (L. Peterson)

Lewis’s Woodpecker (1)
Location: 140 Trueworthy Rd, Saturna Island; sighted on trees and telephone poles in area
Date: September 11 to 15 (A. Murray)
Lewis’s Woodpecker on Saturna Island (Photo: Anne Murray)

Lewis’s Woodpecker (1)
Location:  Little Mount Doug, Mount Douglas Park, Saanich; perched on snag at summit
Date: September 13 (D. Dahl)

Pacific Golden-Plover (1)
Location: French Creek, Parksville; at the mouth of the creek
Date: September 11 (M. Wynja) to 13 (multiple observers)
Pacific Golden-Plover resting in salicornia (Photo: Stephanie Nixon)

Location: Sandy Island Provincial Park, Denman Island; north end of the park
Date: September 12 (N. Haigh and J. MacKenzie)

Pacific Golden-Plover (1)
Location: Wickaninnish Beach, Tofino
Date: September 12 (I. Cruickshank)

American Golden-Plover (1 juvenile)
Location: McMicking and Clover Points, Victoria
Date: September 6 (L. Ragan) to 12 (multiple observers)

Location: Jordan River; opposite Queesto information centre
Date: September 11 (J. Bertrands, S. Pastran, and S. McElaney)

Location: Whiffin Spit, Sooke; seen near open area on the harbour side of the spit, here
Date: September 10 (E. Larson and L. Singh) to 11 (multiple observers)
Buff-breasted Sandpiper in Sooke (Photo: Liam Singh)
Blue Jay (1)
Location: Private Home on Beaver Road; Victoria
Date: September 11 (A. Cotter)
Palm Warbler (1)
Location: Hope Bay on North Pender Island
Date: September 11 (J. Peetsma)
LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL (1, second cycle)
Location: Gordon Beach, Sooke; among California Gulls near Muir Creek, here 
Date: September 10 (L. Singh and E. Larson)
Lesser Black-backed Gull in Sooke (Photo: Liam Singh)

Lewis’s Woodpecker (1)
Location: Here flying east over Ayum Creek; Sooke
Date: September 10 (E. Larson and L. Singh)

Vesper Sparrow (1)
Location: Mount Douglas Park, Saanich; found around here
Date: Sept 10 (Jack Bindernagel)
Vesper Sparrow in Saanich (Photo: Jack Bindernagel)

Location: Chesterman Beach, Tofino; south end of beach
Date: September 7 (M. Yip) to 10 (multiple observers)
Buff-breasted Sandpiper in Tofino (Photo: Mike Yip)

American Golden-Plover (1)
Location: Miracle Beach, Black Creek
Date: September 3 (J. Mackenzie and L. Ragan) to 10 (multiple observers)
Location: Here near the corner of Lohbrunner Rd E and Lochside Regional Trail; Saanich
Date: August 11 (M. McGrenere) to September 6 (multiple observers)
*Please be respectful of private property birders are NOT allowed to walk up the private driveway. Please view bird from the public road where the driveway meets it.*
Brown Thrasher in Saanich (Photo: Evan Larson)
Say’s Phoebe (1)
Location: Here on beach;Vargas Island
Date: September 6 (M. Callewaert)
Western Kingbird (1)
Location: In the estuary; Cowichan Bay
Date: September 5 (J. Gatten)
Location: Oyster Bay; Campbell River
Date: September 3 (V. Pedersen) to 4 (multiple observers)
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper in Campbell River (Photo: Liam Ragan)

Green Heron (1)
Location: On the jetty off the end of Wharf St; Tofino
Date: September 3 (J. Ransom)

Northern Waterthrush (1)
Location: Pond at Bow Park;Victoria 
Date: August 29 (N. Mooney) to 31 (multiple observers)

Stilt Sandpiper (1)
Location: Here in pond on Hilliers Rd S; Qualicum Beach
Reported: August 28 (M. Wynja) to 29 (multiple observers)

Gray Catbird (1)
Location: In shrub near 240 Neill St between hospital and children’s centre; Tofino 
Date: August 28 (T. Theriault)

Northern Waterthrush (1)
Location: Little Beach, Ucluelet; located in empty lot across from beach
Date: August 20 (I. Cruickshank) to 28 (multiple observers)

Location: Here in trees near the gate on Helen Rd near the Hyphocus Inn; Ucluelet
Date: August 27 (B. Di Labio and P. Lagasi)
Northern Parula in Ucluelet (Photo: Bruce Di Labio)   

Northern Waterthrush (1)
Location: Pedder Bay, Metchosin; banded at station
Date: August 18 to 27 (D. Bell) 

Yellow-billed Loon (1 adult)
Location: Flying south past Amphitrite Point; Ucluelet 
Date: August 27 (B. Di Labio)

Northern Waterthrush (1)
Location: King’s Pond, Saanich
Date: August 15 (G. Newell) to 27 (multiple observers)

Northern Waterthrush (1)
Location: At the west end of Witty's Lagoon; Metchosin
Date: August 26 (D. Bell)

Least Flycatcher (1)
Location: Prospect Lake Rd powerline trail in Saanich
Date: August 24 (D. Fraser)

Wilson’s Phalarope (1)
Location: Miracle Beach Provincial Park; Black Creek
Date: August 22 (N. Haigh) to 23 (multiple observers)

Long-billed Curlew (1)
Location: Here on the beach at Parksville Community Park - Parksville
Date: August 22 (J. Millcheap) 
Long-billed Curlew in Parksville (Photo: Heather T.)

Northern Waterthrush (1)
Location: Calling from willows at the end of Kimoto Place near Kimoto Park; Ucluelet
Date: August 21 (I. Cruickshank) 

Alder Flycatcher (1)
Location: Rocky Point Bird Observatory, Metchosin; restricted access
Date: August 19 (D. Bell)

Long-billed Curlew (2)
Location: In the far tidal pools at low tide at Kye Bay; Comox
Date: Aug 14 to 17 (N. Hosgood)
Long-billed Curlews in Comox (Photo: Nancy Hosgood)
Franklin's Gull (1, juvenile)
Location: Shiels Bay, Malcolm Island
Date: August 16 (K. Fitzpatrick)

Marbled Godwit (1)
Location: Near the bridge at Esquimalt Lagoon; Colwood
Date: August 4 (L. Ragan) to 12 (multiple observers)
Marbled Godwit in Colwood (Photo: Geoffrey Newell)

Alder Flycatcher (1)
Location: Rocky Point Bird Observatory, Metchosin; restricted access
Date: August 12 (D. Bell)

Location: Viewed by boat between Cleland Island and Plover Reef
Date: August 9 (H. Tom)
Horned Puffin at Cleland Island near Tofino (Photo: Artie Ahier)

Northern Waterthrush (1)
Location: Pedder Bay, Metchosin; banded at station
Date: August 9 (D. Bell)

Franklin’s Gull (1 juv)
Location: Cattle Point, Oak Bay
Date: August 8 (A. Jacobs)

Franklin’s Gull in Victoria (Photo: Geoffrey Newell)

Yellow-billed Loon (1 adult)
Location: Last seen here off Hardy Bay Rd. Previously seen at Bear Cove BC Ferry Terminal; Port Hardy
Date: August 4 (W. O'Shea) to 8 (C. Montgomery)
Yellow-billed Loon in Port Hardy (Photo: Cameron Montgomery)

Location: Amphitrite Point; Ucluelet 
Date: August 6 (P. Bartley)

Location: Cheewaht River Mouth; near Port Renfrew
Date: August 5 (I. Cruickshank)

Location: Viewed by boat just west of Cleland Island
Date: August 4 (A. Ahier)

Long-billed Curlew (1)
Location: Chesterman Beach; Tofino
Date: August 2 (J. Croxall) to 3 (A. Dorst)
Long-billed Curlew in Tofino (Photo: Adrian Dorst)

Location: Feeding on the shoulder of Hwy 4 at the Hwy 4 junction where the Hwy forks left for Ucluelet and Right for Tofino; Ucluelet 
Date: August 2 (I. Cruickshank)
Upland Sandpiper in Ucluelet (Photo: Ian Cruickshank)

Pacific Golden-Plover (1)
Location: On beach; Stubbs Island
Date: July 23 to 27 (A. Dorst)

Gray Catbird (1)
Location: Near boardwalk here; Bamford
Date: July 26 (A. Black)

Gray Catbird (1)
Location: On north side of Prospect Lake Rd Powerlines trail. Walk trail east towards Camosun College and bird is parallel to hydro poles #1-3; Victoria 
Date: July 19 to 25 (D. Fraser)

Location: Seen here off the south end of Trial Islands; Victoria
Date: July 23 (T. Shaw) to 24 (M. Stolmeier)
Nazca Booby in Victoria (Photo: Matt Stolmeier)

Gray Catbird (1)
Location: West side of Beaver Lake opposite to the nature centre - Victoria
Date: July 11 (L. Peterson) to 23 (multiple observers)
Gray Catbird in Victoria (Photo: Rick Hardy)

Mountain Bluebird (1, male)
Location: Mount Parke, Mayne Island; observed along low trail
Date: July 17 (D. Beaver, fide Julie Emerson) 

Great Egret (1)
Location: Nootka Island; accessible by boat only
Date: July 15 (fide Mike Yip)

Location: HERE at Triangle Island
Date: July 6 (I. Harland and A. Jones)

3 out of 5 Horned Puffins seen at Triangle Island (Photo: Ian Harland)

Western Kingbird (1)
Location: On fence on Lochside Regional Trail near Galey Morning Fresh Egg Farm; Saanich
Date: July 5 (M. McGrenere) to 6 (multiple observers)

Location: Off the Brooks Peninsula, here
Date: July 3 (G. Monty)

Location: Off the Brooks Peninsula, here
Date: July 3 (G. Monty and B. Schroeder)

Northern Mockingbird (1)
Location: Amphitrite Point; Ucluelet
Date: July 3 (G. Beisel)

Long-billed Curlew (1)
Location: By bridge at Esquimalt Lagoon; Colwood
Date: June 30 (M. Mitchell) to July 1 (multiple observers)

Least Flycatcher (3)
Location: Between the 2 foot bridges at Little Qualicum Fish Hatchery; Parksville
Date: June 27 (S. Beauchesne) to July 1 (multiple observers)

Solitary Sandpiper (1)
Location: NW quadrant of Panama Flats; Victoria
Date: June 26 (G. Newell) to July 1 (multiple observers)

Location: Lohbrunner Rd East, Saanich; here
Date: May 12 (K. Emmaneel) to July 1 (multiple observers)

Eastern Phoebe in Saanich (Photo: Klaus Emmaneel)

AMERICAN REDSTART (1, second-year male)
Location: Naka Creek Recreational Site; located off Naka Creek Rd approximately here
Date: June 27 (J. MacKenzie)
Impressive shot of this rare visitor singing away! (Photo: James MacKenzie)

Lapland Longspur (1)
Location: NW quadrant of Panama Flats; Victoria
Date: June 26 (G. Newell)

White-winged Crossbill (2)
Location: Witty’s Lagoon; Metchosin
Date: June 25 (fide I. Cruickshank)

AMERICAN REDSTART (1, second-year male)
Location: Helliwell Provincial Park, Hornby Island; singing in aspen-arbutus stand near St. John Point
Date: June 22 (D. Donnecke)

Eastern Kingbird (1)
Location: Kye Bay Rd, Comox; along Comox Airport fence
Date: June 15 (A. & K. Westerhof)

Western Kingbird (3)
Location: On airport fence at Comox Valley Airport near Kye Bay; Comox
Date: June 11 (N. Hilaire) to 14 (multiple observers)

Least Flycatcher (1)
Location: Franklin River Camp; around here
Date: June 12 to 14 (G. Monty and D. Baird)

Western Kingbird (1)
Location: Witty’s Lagoon, Metchosin; along beach by washrooms
Date: June 12 (A. Ross)

Location: Wickaninnish Beach, Tofino; around here on beach
Date: June 11 (J. Bindernagel)
Any mid-sized passerine running on a beach is bound to be good! (Photo: Jack Bindernagel)

Northern Mockingbird (1)
Location: East Point, Saturna Island
Date: June 11 (P. Preston)

Location: Cowichan Valley; location not specified due to access restrictions
Date: June 11 (J. Gatten)
Easiest identified by vocalizations, but not the buffy flanks (Photo: Jeremy Gatten)

Yellow-headed Blackbird (1)
Location: Panama Flats, Saanich; along southern berm
Date: May 29 (K. Gilbert) to June 11 (multiple observers)

Location: Uplands Park, Oak Bay; here in the central meadow 
Date: June 10 (G. Newell)
Ovenbird in Victoria (Photo: Geoffrey Newell)

Location: Offshore, Salish Sea; sitting on log in the ocean with an Arctic Tern, here
Date: June 11 (C. DiCorrado)

Gray Catbird (1)
Location: Cecelia Ravine, Victoria; along the bank park at the Washington Ave access
Date: June 7 (R. Gowan) to 10 (multiple observers)

Harris’s Sparrow (1 adult)
Location: 240 Arnet Rd, Tofino
Date: June 8 (Adrian Dorst)
Harris’s Sparrow in Tofino (Photo: Adrian Dorst)

Location: Along Pedder Bay Drive in the ravine between Pedder Bay and Rocky Point Rds; Metchosin
**Please park in the Pedder Bay parking lot. Please do not park along the edge of the road**
Date: June 7 (D. Donnecke)
Ovenbird in Metchosin (Photo: Daniel Donnecke)

Yellow-headed Blackbird (1)
Location: Englishman River Estuary, Parksville; along shoreline
Date: June 7 (M. Chutter and A. Allen)
The yellow head is a beacon that scarcely gets overlooked (Photo: A. Allen)

Location: Cowichan Estuary Conservation Trail, Cowichan Bay; here in slough
Date: June 5 (L. Downs) to 6 (multiple observers)
Yellow feet and black legs = excitement (Photo: Nathan Hentze)

Western Kingbird (1)
Location: Schooner Point, Tofino; around the driftwood between Schooner Point and sand dunes
Date: June 5 (J. Saydam and S. Wilkinson)

Western Kingbird (1)
Location: On fence on Lochside Regional Trail near Galey Morning Fresh Egg Farm; Saanich
Date: June 3 (M. McGrenere)

Wilson Phalaropes (2)
Location: Panama Flats, Saanich; north end of flats
Date: June 2 (G. Newell) to 3 (multiple observers)

Location: Robb Ave, Comox; private residence
Reported: June 1 to 2 (J. Shaw)
Tennessee Warbler in Comox (Photo: Janet Shaw)

Swainson's Hawk (1)
Location: Hector Rd, Saanich; flying NW over road
Date: June 2 (R. Dzenkiw)

Wilson Phalarope (1)
Location: Englishman River Estuary, Parksville; Plummer Rd side of estuary
Date: June 2 (S. Knoerr)

Yellow-headed Blackbird (1)
Location: Victoria International Airport, Sidney; on fence at Canora Rd lookout 
Date: June 2 (J. Wells)

Location: Cleland Island, Tofino; wiewed from boat
Date: June 1 (J. Forde)

Horned Puffin near Tofino - Photo: Eric Newton

Location: Jordan River; behind Telus building in the recently expanded gravel area
Date: June 1 (M. Bentley)
Lark Sparrow in Jordan River - Photo: Michael Bentley

Location: Amphitrite Point Lighthouse, Ucluelet
Date: May 28 (I. Cruickshank)

Western Kingbird (1)
Location: Little Qualicum River Estuary, Qualicum Beach; shore near the river around here
Date: May 25 (S. Craig)

Western Kingbird (1)
Location: Along Lochside Regional Trail near to Galey Morning Fresh Egg Farm; Saanich
Date: May 25 (K. Slagboom)

Location: Mount Tolmie, Saanich; last observed here by uppermost parking lot
Date: May 23 (G. & D. Newell and L. Peterson)
Loggerhead Shrike in Victoria (Photo: Geoffrey Newell)

Least Flycatcher (1)
Location: Panama Flats, Saanich; 100 m south of grey shed, here
Date: May 23 (A. Rousseau)
Least Flycatcher in Victoria (Photo: Geoffrey Newell)

Dusky Flycatcher (1)
Location: Uplands Park, Oak Bay; northeast section near Rutland Rd entrance
Date: May 17 to 22 (G. Newell) 

Wilson’s Phalarope (1)
Location: Englishmen River Estuary, Parksville; Plummer Rd side of estuary
Date: May 21 (D. Isbister) 

Swainson’s Hawk (1)
Location: Cox Rd, Comox; seen flying over
Date: May 21 (K. Clouston et al.)

Wilson’s Phalarope (1)
Location: Panama Flats, Saanich; northeast quadrant
Date: May 20 (L. Peterson) 

Swainson’s Hawk (1)
Location: Lohbrunner Rd E, Saanich; flying over
Date: May 20 (G. Newell)

Western Kingbird (2)
Location: On fence on Lohbrunner Rd East, here; Saanich
Date: May 12 (A. Jacobs) to 19 (multiple observers)

Dusky Flycatcher (1)
Location: Beckwith Park, Saanich; in Garry Oak meadow section
Date: May 11 (K. Slagboom) to 19 (multiple observers)

Western Kingbird (1)
Location: At the mouth of San Juan near Pacheedaht Beach; Port Renfrew
Date: May 18 (L. Ragan)

Yellow-headed Blackbird (1)
Location: Big Bay, Stuart Island; around here
Date: May 17 (E. Jordan)

American White Pelican (1)
Location: Mapleguard Point, Deep Bay
Date: May 17 (C. Carlson)

Western Kingbird (1)
Location: McMicking Point, Oak Bay
Date: May 17 (G. Newell)

Dusky Flycatcher (1)
Location: At the junction of the Lochside Trail and the Donwood Park Trail; Saanich
Reported: May 14 (M. Dufort) to 15 (multiple observers)

Location: 1 bird here on spit near Frank Island on Chesterman Beach and 1 bird seen on Comber's Beach near trailhead. 3 birds seen together here at the mouth of sandhill creek on Comber’s Beach on May 1st. On May 2-12th,  2 birds were seen on Wick Beach. On May 14-15th one bird was on Comber’s Beach; Tofino
Date: April 29 (D. Caudwell, M. Hamilton, I. Cruickshank) to May 15 (multiple observers)
1 of 3 Snowy Plovers in Tofino (Photo: Michelle Hamilton)

Brown Pelican (1)
Location: Cleland Island; Tofino
Date: May 14 (M. Matchim)

Wilson's Phalarope (1)
Location: Morningstar Golf Course Pond; Parksville 
Date: May 14 (E. Shemming & S. Simard-Provencal)

Western Kingbird (1)
Location: SE corner of Panama Flats, south of the metal shed; Victoria
Date: May 13 (F. Hornall)

Marbled Godwit (1)
Location: HERE at Englishmen River Estuary in Parksville
Date: May 13 (L. Gertsman)

Location: Flying 1 km out of Amphitrite Point; Ucluelet
Date: May 13 (I. Cruickshank)

Mountain Bluebird (1)
Location: In field here on Central Saanich Rd; Saanich
Date: May 12 (J. Gatten)
American White Pelican (1)
Location: Oyster Bay; Campbell River
Date: May 12 (L. Graf)
Pacific Golden-Plover (2)
Location: Sandhill Creek mouth on Comber's Beach; Tofino
Date: May 3 (M. Hamilton) to 12 (multiple observers)
2 Pacific Golden-Plovers in Tofino (Photo: Michelle Hamilton)

Pacific Golden-Plover (12)
Location: Tofino Airport; restricted acess
Date: May 8 to 12 (A. Dorst)

American White Pelican (5)
Location: Flying N over French Creek Mouth; Parksville
Reported: May 11 (K. & A. Westerhof)

Least Flycatcher (1)
Location: In the willows on the south dyke just east of the house that borders Panama Flats; Victoria
Date: May 10 (A. Cooper at al.)
Least Flycatcher in Victoria (Photo: Aziza Cooper)

Western Kingbird (1)
Location: On fence on Lohbrunner Rd East; Saanich
Reported: May 9 (J. Wells)

American White Pelicans (12)
Location: On mudflats off Westcan Terminals Rd here; Cowichan Bay
Date: May 9 (K. Wenberg)

Swainson’s Hawk (3)
Location: Flying over Martindale Flats; Saanich
Date: May 8 (J. Wells)

Swainson’s Hawk (1)
Location: Flying over Memorial Rd near Island Hwy; Qualicum Beach
Date: May 8 (G. Monty)

Pacific Golden-Plover (1)
Location: Seen on rocks across from McMicking Point and also seen on the Victoria Golf Course; Victoria
Date: May 3 (M. Shepard) to 7 (multiple observers)

Brown Pelican (1)
Location: Active Pass; near Mayne Island
Date: May 5 (K. Taylor)

Dusky Flycatcher (1)
Location: East slope of Mt. Tolmie; Victoria
Date: May 5 (G. Newell)

Pacific Golden-Plover (1)
Location: On Tugwell Field; Ucluelet
Date: May 4 (I. Cruickshank)

Yellow-headed Blackbird (1)
Location: On Lee St near Albion Crescent; Ucluelet
Date: May 4 (I. Cruickshank)

Marbled Godwit (2)
Location: At the mouth of Witty's Lagoon; Metchosin
Date: May 1 (M. Preston) to 3 (multiple observers)

Solitary Sandpiper (1)
Location: East corner of flooded field at Hastings Flats; Victoria
Date: May 3 (K. Taylor)

Yellow-headed Blackbird (1)
Location: Salmon Point Trail; Comox
Date: May 2 (J. MacKenzie)

Yellow-headed Blackbird (1)
Location: Near metal shed off Carey Rd at Panama Flats; Victoria
Date: May 2 (K. Emmanuel)

Location: Hecate Strait, here
Date: May 2 (T. Shelmerdine)

Location: In field near here at Maber Flats; Saanich
Date: April 22 (G. Hart et al.) to 30 (multiple observers)
3 Ross's Geese in Saanich - Photo: Evan Larson

Yellow-headed Blackbird (1)
Location: On fence at the central pond east of the greenhouse at Sandown Race Track; North Saanich
Date: April 30 (M. Prella)

American White Pelican (6)
Location: On the mudflats between Dock Rd and Khenipsen Rd; Cowichan Bay 
Date: April 29 (K. Wenberg)

Bank Swallow (1)
Location: Qualicum Beach Airport; Qualicum Beach 
Date: April 28 (G. Monty)

Location: Tofino; private residence
Date: December 16, 2021 to April 28, 2022 (T. & K. Greig)
Blue Grosbeak in Tofino (Photo: Adrian Dorst)

Yellow-headed Blackbird (1)
Location: Coldwater Rd; Parksville
Date: April 26 (G. Monty)

KING EIDER (1 female)
Location: Viewed here off Singing Sands Beach; Comox 
Date: April 23 to 24 (K. Kaptein and I. van Veen)
Queen Eider in Comox (Photo: Krista Kaptein)

Say's Phoebe (1)
Location: On fence near here at Englishmen Estuary; Parksville
Date: April 24 (B. Vroom)

Mountain Bluebird (4)
Location: On fenceline on the north side of Cox Rd also seen on Bridges Rd; Courtenay
Date: April 8 (K. Kaptein) to 24 (multiple observers) 

Mountain Bluebird (1)
Location: Henrik's Lookout; Nanoose Bay
Date: April 24 (G. Monty and D. Baird) 

Location: On central dyke at Panama Flats; Victoria
Date: April 21 (G. Newell)
Ross's Goose in Victoria (Photo: Geoffrey Newell)

Location: In field on north side of Martindale Rd between Lochside Dr and Welch Rd at Martindale Flats. Last seen flying towards Island View Beach; Saanich
Date: April 21 (M. Rainville)

Mountain Bluebird (1)
Location: Island View Beach, on logs; Saanich
Date: April 21 (M. Rainville) 

Mountain Bluebird (1)
Location: On the fence near the blue chicken barn on Lochside Trail where the pavement starts north of Blenkinsop Lake; Victoria
Date: April 19 (B. Dancer)

Mountain Bluebird (1)
Location: On fenceline on the beach at Witty’s Lagoon; Metchosin 
Date: April 17 (A. Preston) to 18 (multiple observers)

Mountain Bluebird (1)
Location: On fence at the garden at Canora Rd lookout near the Victoria airport; Saanich 
Date: April 18 (J. Nicholls)

Harris’s Sparrow (1)
Location: In Garry Oaks near pond at Beckwith Park; Saanich
Date: April 15 (K. Slagboom) to 16 (multiple observers)

Mountain Bluebird (2)
Location: Spider Lake; Dunsmuir
Date: April 15 (D. Isbister) to 16 (multiple observers) 

Mountain Bluebird (1)
Location: Quennell Lake; Cassidy
Date: April 11 (P. Boon)

Location: Clayoquot Canyon, off from Tofino; here
Date: April 10 (Mike Toochin et al.)

Location: Clayoquot Canyon, off from Tofino; here
Date: April 10 (I. Povalyaev and Y. Attia, m.obs)

Laysan Albatross (2)
Location: Clayoquot Canyon, off from Tofino; here
Date: April 10 (Y. Attia, m.obs)

Mountain Bluebird (2)
Location: On top of Little Mt. Doug at Mt. Douglas Park; Saanich
Date: April 9 (D. Korver)

Mountain Bluebird (2)
Location: Royal Burial Park; Victoria
Date: April 9 (S. Harper) 

Location: Clayoquot Canyon, off from Tofino; private charter
Date: April 2 (J. Bertrands et al.)

Location: Clayoquot Canyon, offshore from Tofino; private charter
Date: March 27 (J. Bertrands et al.)

Location: Clayoquot Canyon, off from Tofino; private charter
Date: March 27 (J. Bertrands et al.)

Laysan Albatross (1)
Location: Clayoquot Canyon, off from Tofino; private charter
Date: April 2 (J. Bertrands et al.)

FERRUGINOUS HAWK (1, light morph adult), first Vancouver Island record
Location: Blacktail Rd near Spider Lake; observed on large snag here
Date: March 26 (D. Isbister)
Vancouver Island's first Ferruginous Hawk (Photo: Derek Isbister)

WESTERN BLUEBIRD (1, male, unbanded)
Location: Blenkinsop Valley, Saanich; entrance to the Blenkinsop Valley Driving Range, here
Date: February 5 (J. Gatten) to March 29 (multiple observers)
Male Western Bluebird (Photo: Jeremy Gatten)
Mountain Bluebird (1, female)
Location: Blenkinsop Valley, Saanich; entrance to the Blenkinsop Valley Driving Range, here
Date: February 5 (J. Gatten) to March 29 (multiple observers)
Female Mountain Bluebird (Photo: Jeremy Gatten)

Laysan Albatross (1)
Location: Clayoquot Canyon, off from Tofino
Date: March 25 (K. Bosch)

Location: Duncan sewage ponds, Duncan; here
Date: December 23, 2021 J. Gatten) to March 24, 2022 (multiple observers)
The male Tufted Duck is remarkably consistent on the irrigation pipes (Photo: Jeremy Gatten)

Snow Bunting (1)
Location: Wickaninnish Beach, Tofino; located along on beach in front of sand dunes, approximately one-third of the way along the dunes
Date: March 21 (J. Bain)

Glaucous Gul1 (1)
Location: Island View Beach, Central Saanich; on beach closest to northernmost parking lot
Date: March 12 (J. Wells) to 15 (multiple observers) 

Location: Offshore; on research vessel John P. Tully, last seen here before flying off 
Date: March 12 (crew of CCGS J.P. Tully) to 13 (M. Robert)  

Blue Jay (1)
Location: Royal Oak; observed at feeders here on Marsett Place behind Commonwealth Pool near Royal Oak Golf Course, but seen in same area as far as 4643 W Saanich Rd
Date: November 19, 2021 (A. Nightingale et al.) to March 13, 2022 (multiple observers) 
Iceland Gull ssp. glaucoides (1, second-cycle)
Location: Amber Way, Royston
Date: March 6, 2022 (L. Singh)
This subspecies is very rare in the west and indicates a bird that has come from Greenland (Photo: Liam Singh)

Glaucous Gull (1 first winter)
Location: Clover Point, Victoria
Date: March 6 (N. Park) 

Glaucous Gull (1 first winter)
Location: On beach at Point Holmes, Comox
Date: March 6 (J. Bertrands) 

Apparent NAZCA BOOBY (1)
Location: Viewed by vessel off Brooks Peninsula, here
Date: February 26 to 27 (R. LaForge) 

Glaucous Gull (1)
Location: Island View Beach, Saanich
Date: February 24 (H. Dueck & M. Baudais) 

Yellow-billed Loon (1)
Location: Port McNeil BC Ferries dock; Port McNeil
Date: February 19 (D. Lacasse)

Bohemian Waxwing (1)
Location: Downhill of glenrosa farm at Pedder Bay, Metchosin, here
Date: January 29 (P. Hebert) to February 19 (multiple observers)    

Redhead (1)
Location: Royal Roads University, Colwood; in ponds by Japanese garden
Date: January 9 (J. Wells) to February 19 (multiple observers)  

Say’s Phoebe (1)
Location: On the spit here at Piper’s Lagoon; Nanaimo
Date: February 14 (L. Barrett)
Say's Phoebe in Nanaimo (Photo: Liz Barrett)

Bohemian Waxwing (Up to 40)
Location: Nanoose Hill, Nanoose Bay
Date: January 23 (B. Vroom) to February 11 (multiple observers) 

Yellow-billed Loon (1 adult)
Location: Otter Point, Sooke
Date: October 30, 2021 (D. Bell et al.) to February 5, 2022 (multiple observers)   
Yellow-billed Loon (1)
Location: Little Qualicum Estuary, Qualicum Beach; here
Date: November 20, 2021 (N. Richardson) to Jan 31, 2022 (multiple observers) 

Glaucous Gull (1)
Location: Amphitrite Point, Ucluelet
Reported: Jan 27 (J. Cooper)

Rusty Blackbird (1)
Location: Uplands Park, Oak Bay; western meadow next to Dorset Rd
Date: January 11 to 26 (G. Newell)  

Harris’s Sparrow (1)
Location: 1309 Balmoral Rd, Victoria
Date: December 10, 2021 (L. Ragan) to January 25, 2022 (multiple observers)

Yellow-billed Loon (1)
Location: In harbour near BC Ferries dock; Port McNeill
Reported: Jan 22 (S. B) 

Yellow-billed Loon (1 adult)
Location: Beechey Head, East Sooke Regional Park
Date: January 22, 2022 (R. Byrne)  

Lesser Yellowlegs (1)
Location: Terrace Beach, Ucluelet
Reported: Jan 3 (T. Hyggen) to 9 (A. Dorst)
Lesser Yellowlegs in Ucluelet (Photo: Adrian Dorst)
Harris’s Sparrow (1)
Location: 10091 3rd St, Sidney; attending feeder
Date: December 28, 2021 (C. Ball) to January 8, 2022 (multiple observers)
Harris’s Sparrow in Victoria (Photo: Geoffrey Newell)
Redhead (2)
Location: Swan Lake, Saanich
Date: December 29, 2021 to January 3, 2022 (I. Cruickshank)