Saturday, April 29, 2023

RBA: ACORN WOODPECKER in Sooke - April 25-29th

On April 25-2023, Miriam Lambert found a female Acorn Woodpecker feeding on her suet feeder at her private home.

The bird was last seen on April 29th and hasn’t returned since.

The home is not open to the public.

This is the 15th record for BC.

Female Acorn Woodpecker in Sooke - Photo: Miriam Lambert

Saturday, April 15, 2023

RBA: KING EIDER near Price Island - April 15th

At 12:47 pm on April 15-2023, Liam Ragan and Kaiden Bosch found a female King Eider in a mixed flock of Scoters in Kitasu Bay near Price Island north of Bella Bella.

Map to location HERE

This is the 40th record for BC

Female King Eider in Kitasu Bay - Photos: Liam Ragan