Wednesday, April 27, 2016

RBA: White-cheeked Starling in Tofino - April 27-29th

On the morning of April 27th, 2016  at 7:30am Adrian Dorst found and photographed a White-cheeked Starling in Tofino as it fed on the second fairway at the Long Beach Golf Course. This bird could be ship assisted or an escapee. This would be the first ABA record if accepted. There is one other record from 1998 in Homer, Alaska but it was rejected due to provenance. The bird was seen by multiple observers on April 28th and 29th in the same location.

There are specific rules in place to view this bird. Birders are welcome early in the morning before the golfers arrive but must be out by 8:30am. When parking at the Golf Course please do not block any gates. Please stay off the green entirely when looking for or viewing this bird. Patience is key with this bird and it is best for one to stay in one place and wait until the bird appears. Please be respectful of these rules as the Golf Course management is generously opening it up to birders.

Evenings may be a possibility but only with a guide  and Wednesday and Thursday evenings are exempt.

The location for the Long Beach Golf Course is 1850 Pacific Rim Hwy, Tofino.

There has been no sightings of the bird on April 30th or May 1st.

Photo: Adrian Dorst

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

RBA: LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE in Creston - April 5th

On the morning of April 5th - 2016, Marc-Andre Beaucher found an adult Loggerhead Shrike as it perched on a Hawthorn bush along the South West Dyke at Duck Lake in Creston. The bird was relocated by Craig Sandvig around 6:30pm on the same day. The bird was last seen in the hawthorns south of the campsite. The campsite is located at the West end of the Duck Lake dyke.

The bird was not relocated on April 6th.

Loggerhead Shrike perched to the left of Northern Shrike below. Photo: Marc-Andre Beaucher