Thursday, June 29, 2023

RBA: 2 DICKCISSELS in Kispiox - June 29-July 11th

At 11:50am on June 29-2023, Larry Joseph found 2 Dickcissels (a male and female) on a fence post in a field off Kispiox Rd in Kispiox.

He was able to obtain photographs of both birds.

Map to location HERE

This is the 32nd record for BC.

Both birds continues in the same location on July 11th and have been viewed by multiple observers.

Female and male Dickcissels in Kispiox - Photos: Larry Joseph 

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

RBA: INDIGO BUNTING in Coquitlam - June 28-July 30th

On June 28-2023, Debbie Wheeler banded a male Indigo Bunting at ƛ̓éxətəm Regional Park 

The site is restricted access and is not open to the public.

**On June 30th the bird was relocated HERE on the Wilson Farm Dyke Trail in willows and birds trees by Lise Owens in a publicly accessible area.**

The bird continued in the same area on July 13th and was viewed by multiple observers.

On July 30th, the bird was relocated by the TMX work yard HERE

Indigo Bunting at Colony Farm - Photo: Frank Lin

Indigo Bunting in Coquitlam - Photo: Debbie Wheeler

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

RBA: CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLER in Cranbrook - June 21-22nd

At 11:45 am on June 21-2023, Blaire Smith and Katrin Powell found a male Chestnut-sided Warbler singing HERE near the SW corner of Elizabeth Lake in Cranbrook.

On June 22nd, the bird continued HERE on and has been viewed by multiple observers.

This is the 87th record for BC.

Chestnut-sided Warbler in Cranbrook - Photos: Bob Whethem

Friday, June 9, 2023

RBA: CAVE SWALLOW in Port Alberni - June 9th

At 8:30pm on June 9-2023, Blair Dudeck found and photographed a Cave Swallow flying over and sitting on power lines at the settling ponds at Somass Estuary in Port Alberni. 

Map to exact location HERE

This is the second record for BC.

The bird was not relocated in June 10th.

Cave Swallow in Port Alberni - Photos: Blair Dudeck

Sunday, June 4, 2023

RBA: SNOWY PLOVER in Delta - June 4th

At 5:40pm on June 4-2023, Melissa Hafting and Ilya Povalyaev found an adult Snowy Plover at the foot of 96th St at Boundary Bay in Delta. 

Map to location HERE

The bird flew north at 7:40pm and was not relocated.

This is the 41st record for BC.

Snowy Plover in Delta - Photos: Andrew Boycott

Saturday, June 3, 2023

RBA: WHITE-EYED VIREO in Ucluelet - June 3-13th

At 6:30am on June 3-2023, Joachim Bertrands found a White-eyed Vireo in Ucluelet. The bird was singing from alders.

Map to original location HERE

This is the second record for BC.

On June 4th, the bird continued HERE and HERE and was viewed by multiple observers.

On June 5, Mike Bentley heard the bird at Helen Rd and Marine Dr, which is several kms from the original location. 

At 4:30pm on June 5th, Ian Cruickshank viewed the bird singing from the trees by the fuel dock at the east end of Eber Rd HERE (1.4 Km from the original location).

At 7:10am on June 6th, the bird continued across from 1241 Eber Rd and was last seen at Alder Park on Eber Rd before moving north.

**On June 13- Ian Cruickshank relocated the bird on the NW side of Rainforest Drive, 200 m NW of Marine Drive.**

White-eyed Vireo in Ucluelet - Photo: Joachim Bertrands 

White-eyed Vireo in Ucluelet - Photo: Sabine Decamp

Friday, June 2, 2023

RBA: INDIGO BUNTING in Gang Ranch - June 1st

On June 1-2023, Iris McNabb found an Indigo Bunting at her feeder in Gang Ranch which is 45 mins north of Clinton.

The bird was not relocated on June 2nd or 3rd.

Indigo Bunting in Gang Ranch - Photos: Iris McNabb

Thursday, June 1, 2023

RBA: RED-FACED CORMORANT in Hecate Strait - May 24th (Late Report)

At 6:55pm on May 24th-2023, Cam Nikkel, Ray Methot and Bonnie Chartier found a Red-faced Cormorant in Hecate Strait near Stephens Island, while aboard The Ruby Princess Cruise ship. They were on their way back from Alaska and had just left Prince Rupert.

Map to location HERE

This is the first confirmed photo documented record for BC!

Red-faced Cormorant in Hecate Strait - Photos: Cam Nikkel


At 6:40am on June 1-2023, Janice Arndt found a male Blackburnian Warbler at her private home in Nelson. The bird only stayed for a few mins. If it returns the homeowner will generously allow people to visit by appt. I will place the contact info here, if it returns.

Blackburnian Warbler in Nelson - Photos: Janice Arndt