Monday, December 30, 2013

Patagonia Picnic Table In Effect: DICKCISSEL in Port McNeill - Decc 28- Feb 5th

On December 28, Alex Grey made a trip up to see the Hooded Oriole in Port McNeill.  While enjoying views of the oriole (yes, it's still around), he noticed a Dickcissel among the House Sparrows.

Dickcissel seen in the same yard as the Hooded Oriole in Port McNeill on December 28 - amazing example of the Patagonia Picnic Table Effect! (Photo: Alex Gray)

The Dickcissel can be tacked on to increasing list of interesting birds seen in this neighborhood since the Hooded Oriole was reported in early December.  Last week, Christopher Stephens made the journey up for the oriole and had a Harris' Sparrow as a bonus.  What will be the next rarity to show up in the same area?  How long would it take a Painted Bunting to take the scenic route from Bowser to Port McNeill?

*Last seen on Feb 23rd, 2014.*

This is the 23rd record for BC.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Late Report: PAINTED BUNTING in Bowser

This female Painted Bunting was present at a feeder in Bowser, BC (Vancouver Island) from November 25th to December 3rd. Apparently it disappeared when the cold snap hit. Penny Marshall, who took this photo, says this is actually the second time a female Painted Bunting has visited her feeder in late fall--the last one occurring about 6 years ago. That bird was photographed as well so apparently lightning can strike twice!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Black Phoebe Chilliwack Dec 14-15

Dave Beeke and his CBC team spotted a Black Phoebe in Chilliwack. It was seen on Kitchen Road. For more details and updates click Here

Thursday, December 5, 2013


UPDATE: The Hooded Oriole has been putting in frequent appearances and was reported most recently February 18th.  Feeders have been set up and seem to be visited often.  If you are keen to brave the roads, please refer to the B.C. Highway Cams website and check the conditions between Campbell River and Port McNeill to ensure you have a safe journey.  The bird can be searched for along Broughton Blvd. in the section between Cedar St. and McNeill Rd.  The bird seems to have a circuit more on the south/west side of the road, so efforts can be focused there.  There is a fair chance this bird will stick around, so keep an eye out for periodic updates here.

A report was received of a Hooded Oriole from today (December 5th) at a private residence in Port McNeill.  The observer of this rare oriole from the south will keep an eye out for it tomorrow and more details might become available for those hoping to make the trip up/over to see this bird.  For now, enjoy the absolutely stunning shot of this vagrant!

The Hooded Oriole, as the caption states, is thought to be an adult male, but further thoughts on the age and sex of rare birds are always appreciated!