Monday, May 30, 2016

RBA: Lark Bunting in Hope - May 30th

On May 30th at 9am Gord Gadsden found a male Lark Bunting at Hope Aiport in Hope. The bird was on the fence by the weather station East of the airport terminal on the right side.

Hope Airport is located at 62720 Airport Rd in Hope.

The bird was not relocated since the initial sighting.

For more info and photos click Here

This is the 36th record for the province of BC.

Sunday, May 22, 2016


At 1pm on May 21st - 2016, Doug Brown had a Ferruginous Hawk flying over the Kailay Orchards in Osoyoos which is located at 10712 on Hwy 3. No photo was obtained but field marks were viewed with binoculars.

The bird has not been relocated since.

Friday, May 20, 2016

RBA: MURPHY'S PETREL off Vancouver Island - May 13th

On May 13th - 2016, Paul Lehman had a Murphy's Petrel 215 km SW of the Brooks Peninsula. The bird was viewed from the Grand Princess Cruise ship and all field marks were clearly seen. This is Paul's 4th Murphy's Petrel in BC waters and he has extensive experience with the species.

WHITE-FACED IBIS in Victoria - May 20th

At 9am on May 20th - 2016, Geoffrey Newell saw a flock of 7 White-faced Ibis fly SouthWest over Lohbrunner Rd and Lochside Trail in Blenkinsop Valley in Victoria.

The birds have not been relocated since the initial sighting.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

TUFTED DUCK in Richmond - May 19th

At 9am on May 19th - 2016, Keith Taylor found a male Tufted Duck in the NW inner pond at Iona Regional Park. To gain access to the inner ponds a gate code is needed. Please contact Jude Grass at to obtain the code. The park is located at 945 Ferguson Rd in Richmond and is open from 7am until 9pm.

The bird was last seen at 5pm on May 20th.

Male Tufted Duck - Photo: Keith Taylor

Sunday, May 15, 2016

RBA: White-faced Ibis in Cranbrook, May 14th

On May 14th 2016 at 10:30am Dean Nicholson et al. found 2 White-faced Ibis at Reade Lake which is near Cranbrook. The two ibis were seen by two different groups during the local Naturalist Club’s Little Big Day.  Dean's team had 3 people, the second team had 4.
The second group saw the birds later that afternoon. In both cases the birds were across the lake, too far for photos. As the second group watched the birds they took off and flew away from the lake.  The UTM coordinates for Reade Lake and the spot the birds were seen is 583142.39 E  5497184.26 N.

Directions to the lake:

Go up Hwy 95A from Cranbrook to Kimberley, turning right onto Pighin Road.  Go another 3km and then take a right on the Lone Pine Ranch Road.  Go slowly along the road for 1 km and park. The lake is on the right. The ranch is private property and viewing is only from the road. 

These birds have not been relocated since the initial sighting..

Friday, May 6, 2016

RBA: Lesser Goldfinch in Surrey - May 5th

At 5pm on May 5th, 2016 Andrew Foxall found a Male Lesser Goldfinch at his home in Bell Park Estates in South Surrey.

The bird was present at the feeder for 30 mins and has not returned since.

Photo: Andrew Foxall

Thursday, May 5, 2016

RBA: LUCY'S WARBLER in Castlegar - May 5th

On May 5th at 9:30am Craig Sandvig found and photographed a Lucy's Warbler in Castlegar. The bird was in the orchard at Selkirk College, just off Welsh Rd. The bird was 100m from the trailhead moving between the apple trees and hawthorns. The bird spent most of its time in the trees in the open area of the orchard but it also ventured into the thicker part on the south side. The bird was singing the whole time he was there and was present until 10:45am when he left.  

The bird has not been relocated since after several and thorough searches by multiple birders.  

This is the first record for the province of British Columbia.

Craig filmed the bird and his video can be seen Here

Directions to the bird:

When you get to the airport turn off on Hwy 3A, turn left onto Frank Beinder Way then turn right onto Rosedale Rd, then left on Campus Rd, then right onto Welsh Rd. Park at the end of Welsh Road.

Map Here

The trail starts at the end of Welsh Rd, heading west. The old orchard is on the south side of the trail adjacent to Welsh Rd. *The bird was 100 m from the trailhead as per above*

Photos: Craig Sandvig

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

RBA: RED-THROATED PIPIT in Victoria - May 4th-8th

On May 4th, 2016 at 4:30pm Geoffrey and David Newell found a Red-throated Pipit at Panama Flats in Victoria. The bird was first seen in the Northeast quadrant of the flats with 40 American Pipits. As it flew to the NW Quadrant birders got to listen to its high "psssss" call 

The bird was last seen on the East side of Panama Flats just south of the building covered in graffiti at 9:30am on May 8th and has not been relocated since.

Panama Flats is located between Roy Rd and Carey Rd.  The best access to view the bird is off Carey Rd and to walk down the middle dyke looking at both the NE and NW Quadrants.

Photo: Courtney Cameron
Photo: Geoffrey Newell