Thursday, March 23, 2017

RBA: INDIGO BUNTING in Port Alberni - March 22-April 18th

At 2 pm on March 22nd, 2017, Sandy McRuer found a first-cyle male Indigo Bunting at a private home at 4950 Nicholas St (near the corner of Pineo St). The bird was relocated at 11:45 am on March 23rd by Penny Hall and photographed at the same location. The bird returned to the wide silo feeder, 3 times while she was visiting.  

Multiple observers saw the bird today and it was last seen at the same location at 4:15pm.

The bird continues at this location as of April 18th.

The homeowner is ok with people viewing the bird and feeder from the public road, as the feeders are about 10 feet from the road. If you go, please be respectful of the homeowner's property and private residences in the area. Please do not block any driveways when you park to view this bird.

Map to Location: HERE

 A stunning first-cycle male Indigo Bunting in Port Alberni - Photo: Lee Barlow
First-cycle male Indigo Bunting in Port Alberni - Photo: Roger Beardmore

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

RBA: TUFTED DUCK in Vancouver - March 14-19th

At 5:15pm on March 14th, Daphne Lang found a 2nd Year adult male Tufted Duck with Lesser Scaup on the swimming pool at New Brighton Park in Vancouver. She was unable to obtain a photograph at this time. The bird was relocated at 9:35 am on March 15th by Mike Tabak and photographed. The swimming pool is under-construction and the birds are using it undisturbed.

New Brighton Park is located at 3201 New Brighton Rd in Vancouver. 

Map to location HERE

This is a different bird than the one seen this year at Iona.

The bird continues in the same location as of March 19th.

The bird was not seen on March 20-21st.

2nd Year Male Tufted Duck - Photo: Brian Stech
2nd Year Male Tufted Duck - Photo: Mike Tabak