Tuesday, April 30, 2019

RBA: 3 MOTTLED AND 4 MURPHY'S PETRELS off Vancouver Island - April 30th

At 7 am on April 30-2019, Paul Lehman spotted 3 Mottled Petrels and 4 Murphy's Petrels off the northbound "Star Princess" cruise ship that was SSW of the Brooks Peninsula on Vancouver Island. All in his tour group were able to see the bird. The Mottled Petrels were the first Paul had ever seen in BC waters.

Photos of one of the Mottled Petrels at (48.954000, -128.746000) was obtained by Bruce Rideout.

The Murphy's Petrels were located: 2 birds were 172 km SW of Estevan Point HERE and 1 HERE and HERE

The Motted Petrels were located: 1 bird 160 km SSW of the Brooks Peninsula HERE and 1 HERE and 1 HERE

Mottled Petrel in BC - Photos: Bruce Rideout

Thursday, April 25, 2019

RBA: TUFTED DUCK in Point Roberts - April 24 - May 11th

At 12pm on April 24-2019, Damion Ruthven found and photographed a male Tufted Duck on Edwards Drive pond HERE in Point Roberts, WA. The bird is sticking close to a female Greater Scaup.

Point Roberts is 5 mins from Tsawwassen, BC and accessed through Canada. It is birded primarily by British Columbians, hence why I am posting about it here.

The bird was last seen in the same location on May 11th but has not been seen since.

Male Tufted Duck in Point Roberts, WA - Photo: Eric Ellingson 

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

RBA: SNOWY PLOVERS near Tofino - April 23rd and May 23rd

At 3:25pm on April 23-2019, Sarah Tyne found a Snowy Plover in Pacific Rim National Park near Tofino. The bird is on Wickaninnish Beach about 800m NW of the parking lot "E" access.

The bird was last present as of 4pm and was not associating with any other shorebirds. The bird was viewed by multiple observers.

On May 23rd-2019 Lorraine Hall found a different Snowy Plover (that was banded in OR) on the same beach. A photo of that bird can be found HERE.

This is the 24th and 25th record for the province of BC.

Snowy Plover on Wickaninnish Beach - Photo: Toby Theriault
Snowy Plover in Pacific Rim National Park - Photo: Ian Cruickshank

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

RBA (Late Report): RUSTIC BUNTING in Bull River - Dec 16/18 to Mar 12/19

A Rustic Bunting was coming to Glen Todd’s feeder in Bull River (located in the Kootenays) from December 16/18 to March 12/19. It was initially identified by the observer as a Lapland Longspur and reported to Bird Studies Canada’s Project FeederWatch  on April 14th, 2019. Thanks to those at Bird Studies Canada (Ron Ridout and Kerrie Wilcox) the bird was identified to its correct species and reported to the BC RBA. When the bird was present it was with a large flock of Dark-eyed Juncos.

It has not returned since March 12, 2019.

This is the 6th confirmed photographed record of Rustic Bunting in BC and there are 10 reports.

Rustic Bunting at a private home in Bull River, BC - Photos: Glen Todd

Sunday, April 7, 2019

RBA: TUFTED DUCK near Kamloops - April 7-9th

At 7am on April 7-2019, a male Tufted Duck was found and photographed by Tom Beeke at Separation Lake in Knutsford (near Kamloops).

The bird was last present as of 5pm and has been viewed by multiple observers. It is in a large flock of a hundred Lesser Scaup. Best views are had by scope

The bird was last seen in the same location as of April 9th. It was not relocated on April 11-13th.

Map to location HERE

Tufted Duck near Kamloops - Photos: Tom Beeke