Sunday, September 10, 2017

RBA: 2 RED-HEADED WOODPECKERS in Revelstoke - Sept 10th

At 8 am on Sept 10th-2017, Darlene and Daryl Cancelliere et al. found 2 adult Red-headed Woodpeckers in Greely, which is 12km East of Revelstoke. The birds were hawking insects from telephone poles near to a forested area beside the railroad tracks and an abandoned farm.

Directions: Turn off Hwy 1, 12 Km E of Revelstoke and follow Greely Road, and you will cross the bridge over the river until you see the railroad tracks by the abandoned farm.

One Red-headed Woodpecker was seen at 7pm in the same location.

This is the sixth record for the province of BC.

Map to the location where the birds were seen HERE

The birds were not relocated on Sept 11th, despite multiple observers looking.

One of 2 Red-headed Woodpeckers seen in Revelstoke - Photos: Darlene Cancelliere


  1. Is this the 3rd for British Columbia?

    1. Hi Reid no actually this is the sixth record and second photographed.