Monday, November 22, 2010

Lesser Black-backed Gull returns for another year

The long-wintering LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL has returned to the Central Okanagan. On Nov 21 it was observed by R. Cannings, A.Bartels, and I.Povalyaev loafing around with 6 other species of gulls (including 1 ad. MEW GULL) at Maude Roxby Sanctuary in Kelowna. This location is at the foot of Francis Ave (off Pandosy St). Most gulls in Kelowna cycle between Maude Roxby and the Glenmore landfill. You can check for it at the dump or find it by checking Maude Roxby frequently, especially in the afternoon when the gulls come to bathe before heading off to roost south of Kelowna.


  1. Seen again at Maude Roxby NOV 22 (Chris Siddle)

    -Stickin around again I guess!

  2. After a long break, it was seen again on the Kelowna CBC (Dec 18)-- at the Glenmore Landfill of course!