Friday, April 15, 2011


This from Rick Toochin: "Ferruginous Hawk tonight at the corner of Chilliwack Central and Gibson Road.

The bird flew into a tree and stayed in the treetop for about an hour! I
took loads of pictures. It is a nice light phased adult bird. It got dive bombed
by a Peregrine Falcon and Crows but didn't want to fly. The owner of the house
accidentally flushed it when he came out to ask what the heck I was looking at.
It didn't go far. The bird was visible from Gibson Road near Chilliwack
Central.Look west towards Chilliwack MT and you will see 2 fir trees in a field
with a silo to the right. The bird was happy in that tree near sunset. It might
well be in the area tomorrow as it is raining here and they don't migrate at

I believe this would constitute the first coastal record for BC?

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