Friday, September 9, 2011

RBA: CHIMNEY SWIFTS near Tumbler Ridge!!!

Report from Guy Monty and Mike Toochin:

"Today, (9 September) while doing raptor migration monitoring, Mike Toochin and I had great looks at three CHIMNEY SWIFTS from a hill top app. 10 kms northeast of Tumbler Ridge. The birds were visible for app. 5 minutes, and then moved off to the southwest. Absolutely no doubts as to the identification. We also had 11 Broad-winged Hawks and two adult Parasitic Jaegers."

According to e-Fauna BC's "Rare Birds of British Columbia 2008" (Compiled by Jamie Fenneman and Rick Toochin), this is the third report of CHIMNEY SWIFTS in the province. Since there hasn't been a rare birds committee in BC for over a decade, none of these reports have been ruled on. Hopefully that situation will be remedied soon-- the "official" BC list needs an update!

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