Tuesday, November 22, 2011


[Photo: Guy Monty (Nov 23)]
--Any comments on whether it is of western or eastern origin?
Nov 19-25: A female-type SUMMER TANAGER has been recently photographed at an undisclosed location near Parksville, BC. It has been visiting a suet feeder. At this time, the homeowners would prefer to keep their address private.

UPDATE (Nov 25): The bird has not been seen since the morning of Nov 25.

I believe this is the *3rd record all-time for BC (the first 2 both coming from 2009--1 in May near Blue River, and 1 in summer near Golden).


  1. The orange cast to the plumage with a few red blotches, along with the shorter tail and bill point to it being an eastern bird.

  2. Thanks Guy--Any thoughts on the age/sex?

  3. I think it's an adult female. A juvenile male would have more red, even in it's first winter.

  4. The bird was seen for 2 minutes on November 25 at 8:15 am from the friendly elderly ladies backyard next door. The owner had removed the feeders and it looked around for the suet and departed southward from the direction it came. I believe it spends time in the fruit-bearing trees behind the large Tudor-style home at the corner of Columbia and Admiral Tyron.

  5. The bird was back today (28 November 2011) at app. 15:20. It was in the tall pine one house east of the original address.