Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feb 7-12+: ICELAND GULL in Penticton

This adult ICELAND GULL (possibly of the nominate glaucoides subspecies?), was found by Laure Neish on the morning of Feb 7.

Comments on subspecies welcome.

This bird was hanging out with the main Penticton Gull flock along Okanagan Beach (near "The Peach" concession stand at the east end of Lakeshore Drive).


  1. Good eye, Laure.

    Is that the same as this one?


  2. Hi Dianne,

    Nice photo-- to me the bird you linked is a 1st-cycle Kumlien's (the Canadian form of the Iceland Gull) or perhaps a cross between Kumlien's and the nominate glaucoides race (which breeds in Greenland). The brownish wash to the primaries is not present in the nominate subspecies... as far as I know.