Monday, April 23, 2012

Lesser Goldfinch in Lillooet

[Photo: Ken Wright]

Found at a private residence in Lillooet on April 23rd, and is continuing up until at least the 26th. The landowner has requested that the precise location be kept private.

April 26 UPDATE--There are now *2* males LEGOs at the feeder!

April 27--Last seen on this date


  1. Okay, I'll play devil's advocate. Why is the occurrence of a rare bird like the Lesser Goldfinch in Lilloet reported on a rare bird ALERT, if the exact location is to be kept private? If we are talking citizen science, why not just record it on e-bird, or, if the host does not know about this, perhaps one of the moderators can do it for him/her; not really so much a complaint as an observation.
    Cheers, Thor

    Thor Manson
    Gallagher Lake, B.C.

  2. Hi Thor-- Thanks for the question. Although one of the main functions of this site is to act as an "alert" for bird-listers etc., it is also one of the best ways (currently) for birders around the province to find out about notable regional sightings, just for the sake of awareness (e.g. "oh that's cool, did you hear about the Yellow-rumped Warbler that overwintered in Prince George?). I doubt very many people would drive to Lillooet for a LEGO now that a few have already shown up on the coast over the last few years, but at this time the landowner would like to keep visitation to a minimum. While I can appreciate the frustration some may have over not being able to see a bird, I'm sure they would rather know than not know. eBird is fine of course, but there are still many who are not linked in to that site. This blog is open to anyone and that includes a lot more than just rarity-chasers like myself for instance.