Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sep 25--RED-THROATED PIPIT on Vancouver Island

From Ian Cruickshank:

"This morning at Rocky Point I had a flyover small passerine giving flight calls I didn't recognize - a single very high, completely clear "tseeew" with no buzzy quality, fairly long, and slightly descending/thinning gradually at the end.  I immediately thought it may be a wagtail sp. based on the calls, and though I remembered that Red-throated Pipit calls were distinctive, I've never heard one and couldn't remember the specifics.  Well, I just listened to flight calls of all the east Asian wagtails and pipits, and none of them fit, except Red-throated: a perfect match.  It was heading south across the strait on its own, and while I heard the flight call several times, I only got a visual on it once it was a little speck against the sky heading away from me.  The size/structure/flight style of this speck did look consistent with a pipit..."

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