Friday, October 4, 2013

Oct 4-7--TROPICAL KINGBIRD at Swan Lake, Victoria

Photo: Heather Trondsen
*Oct 8 Update--"I found the Kingbird (in all its splendour!) this morning on Centerbury west of Rainbow near Swan Lake  on the wire in the opening in the middle of the block - easy to find - great way to start he day!" ---Patti Sullivan

*Oct 7 update--"I saw the kingbird at 1:40 at the south end of the boardwalk at Swan Lake and then lost it. I stopped at the corner of Rainbow and Canterbury when I left and it was perched on a wire around 2:15 and flew off in the direction of Swan Lake at 2:30." --Heather Trondson

*Oct 6--Another Tropical Kingbird was at Wickaninnish Beach, near the B-entrance picnic shelter (Guy & Donna Monty)

From Chris Saunders: (Oct 4) "The bird made close to a complete loop around the lake from the willow tops. It was last seen flying east toward Saanich Rd."

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