Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Late report; ***REDWING*** in Victoria! - Dec 16th

Ken Orich photographed this REDWING (a Eurasian relative of the American Robin) in Victoria, BC on December 16th, 2013. The ID was not known until photos were circulated recently. It was seen on the pedestrian walkway that runs east from Wilkinson Road, ~240m north of Tulip Avenue. This is just west of Panama Flats (a popular birding area in Victoria).

This is the first record for British Columbia.


  1. That would be one heck of a bird if so... would you mind if I posted this on a birding forum? (http://www.whatbird.com/forum/) There are some very experienced birders on there and I'm sure they'd have a good opinion on it. Thanks!

  2. Ok, so I posted it on Whatbird, and here is the thread:
    We pretty much ruled out pipits, and a few people say that it looks like a perfect match. I think it certainly looks like one.
    Too bad photos didn't show up earlier!