Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 3-7--BLACK-BILLED CUCKOO near Kelowna

Around 10:15 on July 3, Michael Force and Doug Kragh heard a BLACK-BILLED CUCKOO in a densely-vegetated ravine near a bend to the left at KM 4.5 on the Beaver Lake Rd (east of Winfield in Lake Country, BC). Be sure to use the yellow KM markers on the road when zeroing your odometer. This is just north of Kelowna where Beaver Lake Rd is signed off Hwy 97 in Winfield.
Photo: Michael Force
Morning (545am-830am) and evening (630pm-830pm) seems to be best.

**LAST SEEN MONDAY, JULY 7 (early morning). The bird ranges from close to the road to several hundred meters south down the brushy ravine.

---The bird was not detected on several attempts Tuesday and Wednesday---PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU TRY FOR IT--even if you didn't see it!


  1. still present July5 7am Gwynneth wilson

  2. If anyone is hypothesizing twitching the bird, I would suggest you arrive in either early morning or dusk, for this is when the BBCU is active, more cooperative, and feeding around the area. This guy is streaky; he can be extremely cooperative while feeding, or he will stick to the shrubs out of sight.

    Good luck, and have a wonderful weekend;

    Logan, 13 - Kelowna