Monday, November 3, 2014

Oct 30-Nov3: *Another Blackburnian Warbler--this time in Revelstoke

There are a lot of birding chat groups around BC and I'm usually pretty good at monitoring them fairly regularly. I admit this one slipped by me for a couple days!

Originally reported as an unknown warbler on October 30th, this apparent hatch-year female Blackburnian Warbler has been frequenting the "Southside" neighbourhood of Revelstoke since then. It was seen again today (Nov 3) and apparently it's been hanging with chickadees. This is near the corner of Edward St and 4th St. Look for the feeders just up Edwards ~70m (NE) and that is roughly where it has been seen off and on. It's been mainly gleaning in the cottonwoods.

This is Revelstoke's 26th warbler species all-time! Pretty darn good for a small western mountain town.

Please report YES or NO sightings!

Photos and report from Darlene Cancelliere


  1. Spent 2 hours looking for bird on Nov 5 and 2-3 hours on Nov 6 with no luck, though we did find a Cape May Warbler in the area of the east end of Edward St.