Tuesday, May 19, 2015

RBA: HAWAIIAN PETREL off the West Coast of Vancouver Island - May 19th

At 3pm on May 19-2015, Ilya Povalyaev, Mike & Sharon Toochin, Peter Candido, Gary Rosenberg and Paul Lehman and his WINGS tour group, saw a Hawaiian Petrel as it crossed the bow of their Princess cruise ship. The bird was approximately 27 km SW of the Brooks Peninsula (49.91 N, 128.13 W).

Map to approx location HERE

They noted the high arcing flight typical of Pterodroma petrels. It had pointed wings, a long attenuated tail and was gleaming white below and very dark above (darker than Cookilaria petrels). No photos were obtained.

This record also appears in:
Lehman, P. 2016. Pelagic Birds from Cruise Ships Along the Pacific Coast: Southern California to Southwestern Alaska, 1995-2016. North American Birds. 69(3): 316-341.

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