Monday, July 20, 2015


Just before 8am on July 20th, Graham Ford photographed a Crested Caracara preening along the North Nanaimo Shore (Just west of Entwhistle Drive, off Hammond Bay Rd).  The bird was last seen flying off to the south.  The same bird may have been seen flying past Neck Point (Just west of Piper's Lagoon) on July 16th. Updates and any further sightings would be appreciated.

Update: The report of the bird being seen around noon at Piper's Lagoon on the 20th was apparently in error. The first and last verified sighting was around 8 am on July 20th.

Photo: Graham Ford

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  1. Anyone who's seen this bird, please contact Nanaimo Daily News reporter Darrell Bellaart, 250-729-4235. Photos are welcome but not necessary. Thanks.