Wednesday, December 30, 2015

RBA: Lesser Goldfinch in Abbotsford, Dec 30th - March 30th

Update: It has not been relocated since March 30th.

On Feb 9th, Chris and Sandi Buis relocated what they thought was the Lesser Goldfinch at the same location. The bird was seen again by Rick Toochin on Feb 11th and the ID was confirmed.

On Dec 30th, Rick Toochin and Chris Buis found a female Lesser Goldfinch at his feeders behind his hotel "The Brooksisde Inn" at 2379 Chardonnay Lane in Abbotsford. The property is open to the public but please do not point bins or camera lenses at the hotel windows which could disturb hotel guests.  Also remember to keep your voices down when visiting the property. The bird is actively feeding at various feeders at the back and sides of the property and best viewing is from the grassy field in behind the property. On Jan 8th a Common Redpoll was seen feeding alongside the Lesser Goldfinch.

Photo: Becke Sawatzky
Photo: Peter Candido


  1. Thanks for the plug for our Boutique Hotel (2379 Chardonnay Lane)! We're happy to have birder's come by and enjoy the Lesser Goldfinch. Brookside Inn ebird hotspot is up to 109 species! Please sign the guest book at the entrance and take a brochure. Happy Birding.

  2. We had a male Common Redpoll come to the feeder today at the same time as the Lesser Goldfinch, but they were both scared off by the Pileated Woodpecker that flew in... Several photographers got photos.

    1. Thanks Chris Rick told me! He sent me his photo and I have updated the blog and at Cheers!

  3. I found a pair by my place in the ornamental maple tree since 2 weeks ago. They seem to be really happy with what they're finding on the tree so they have stayed, and it has been very mild weather so far.