Sunday, May 15, 2016

RBA: White-faced Ibis in Cranbrook, May 14th

On May 14th 2016 at 10:30am Dean Nicholson et al. found 2 White-faced Ibis at Reade Lake which is near Cranbrook. The two ibis were seen by two different groups during the local Naturalist Club’s Little Big Day.  Dean's team had 3 people, the second team had 4.
The second group saw the birds later that afternoon. In both cases the birds were across the lake, too far for photos. As the second group watched the birds they took off and flew away from the lake.  The UTM coordinates for Reade Lake and the spot the birds were seen is 583142.39 E  5497184.26 N.

Directions to the lake:

Go up Hwy 95A from Cranbrook to Kimberley, turning right onto Pighin Road.  Go another 3km and then take a right on the Lone Pine Ranch Road.  Go slowly along the road for 1 km and park. The lake is on the right. The ranch is private property and viewing is only from the road. 

These birds have not been relocated since the initial sighting..


  1. Great find! Yes, please park carefully - off the road as far as possible so as not to block the passage of farm equipment. The rancher and ranch hands, and local birders would appreciate this consideration very much.

    Dianne C.
    Kimberley, BC

  2. Not speaking to these birds in particular, as I don't know the observation details, but birders, perhaps especially in the Kootenays, should keep Glossy in mind when dealing with any Plegadis.