Thursday, June 16, 2016

RBA: Northern Parula near Ucluelet - June 15th

On the evening of June 15th-2016, Ian Cruickshank found a male Northern Parula. This location is only accessible by boat. The bird was singing on an island in an oxbow in the river, which is west of a logging road bridge, over the lower Kennedy River. The island is part of Kennedy River Bog Provincial Park and this is where you would access the water from land. The Provincial Park is accessed by land via a logging from Highway #4. It is about a 30 minute paddle from the bridge if one had a non-motorized boat. The bird was found at these coordinates:

49.102929, -125.626606


Ian was able to obtain a recording of the bird. You can listen to the recording HERE

After a dedicated search the bird was not relocated on June 16th.

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