Saturday, December 9, 2017

RBA: BROWN THRASHER in Cranbrook - Dec 9/17-April 19/18

At 1:45 pm on Dec 9th-2017, Ryan Tomlinson found a Brown Thrasher in Joseph Creek. This location is directly across from Greg Ross and Katrin Powell's home; who have a Northern Cardinal visiting their yard since Nov 7th at 213 17th Ave N.

Map to location of bird HERE

At 2:45pm the bird was relocated in the same location by Chris Charlesworth and photographed.

The bird was not relocated on Dec 10th, despite multiple observers looking.

On December 26th, bird was relocated in Greg Ross's Yard at 213, 17th Ave N.

The bird was last seen at the above location on Dec 29th, 2017.

On Jan 1, 2018 Wendy Norris Roberts relocated the Brown Thrasher in her yard on 11th Ave S in Cranbrook.

The bird continues in the same location on 11th Ave S as of March 5, 2018. Please view the bird from the street only and do not trespass. Please be respectful of neighbors and private property. The address is withheld per request. Contact the RBA if you plan to go searching for this bird.

This is the 39th record for the province of BC.

The bird was seen in the yard of a private home on 13th Ave S on March 18, 2018.

*The bird was last seen at 11 Ave S as of April 20, 2018.  Contact the RBA for viewing access.*

Brown Thrasher in Cranbrook. Jan 31, 2018. Photo: Greg Ross

Brown Thrasher in Cranbrook. Feb 19, 2018. Photo: Wendy Norris Roberts

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