Tuesday, July 10, 2018

RBA: CURVE-BILLED THRASHER in Canal Flats - July 5th

At 3pm on July 5-2018, Gord Littlejohns found and photographed a Curve-billed Thrasher in a dead tree along the shoreline near the boat launch at the south west end of Columbia Lake. He watched the bird for 1 minute before it disappeared into the bushes. The bird never sang or called and he could not relocate it after looking for 30 minutes.

Gord returned to the site on July 6 and 7th but couldn't relocate the bird.

Directions to bird: Heading south on Highway 95 on the way to Canal Flats just as you come to the bottom of the hill there is a small gravel pull off and a gravel road to the left that runs along the west shoreline of the lake. The gravel road ends at a small boat launch approximately 250 yards from the turn off. The Thrasher was in a dead tree on the shoreline about 25 yards south of the boat launch. 

Map to location of bird HERE

This is the 2nd record for the province of BC.

Curve-billed Thrasher in Canal Flats - Photos: Gord Littlejohns

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