Thursday, August 23, 2018

RBA: SNOWY PLOVER in Revelstoke - Aug 23-Sept 4th

At 10:00 am on August 23-2018, Don Manson found a moulting adult Snowy Plover foraging along the shore of Upper Arrow Lake at the end of "Nine Mile Point" which is accessed off Airport Way. He was able to get many good photographs.

The bird was discovered to be injured on August 25th. It is still able to fly and eat but is limping, it was seen falling over once.

The map to the location of the bird is HERE

This is the 22nd record for the province of BC and the 3rd Snowy Plover in this province this year.

The bird has not been seen since Sept 4th.

Injured Snowy Plover in Revelstoke - Photo: Chris Charlesworth
Snowy Plover in Revelstoke - Photos: Don Manson

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