Thursday, March 14, 2019

RBA: FERRUGINOUS HAWK in Kelowna - March 8 (Late Report)

At 2pm on March 8-2019, Ryan Tomlinson saw an adult light morph Ferruginous Hawk flying over Maquinna Rd near Hall Rd in Kelowna. Ryan does not own a camera but has seen many Ferruginous Hawks and described a hawk that was larger than a Red-tailed Hawk with a distinctive hefty build and long tapered wings that were held in a slight dihedral. He said the under-wings were very pale with no patagial bar.  He noted the wing linings mottled with dark and rufous and dark 'commas' on each wing out towards the base of the primaries. He said the flight feathers were white with tiny dark tips to the primaries. He noted that the body was very white except for the presence of dark leggings. Below the tail was pale and from above he noticed a golden hue. He also said the bird had a pale head with a dark line extending back from behind the eye. He watched the bird for 4 mins before it flew off to the NW.

Map to where he saw the bird HERE

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