Sunday, June 16, 2019

RBA: SEDGE WREN near Fort St. John - June 16-19th

At 11pm on June 16-2019, Ilya Povalyaev found a singing Sedge Wren near Watson Slough. Watson Slough is about 30 minutes from Fort St. John on Highway 29 towards Hudson's Hope. The bird is singing from the north side of Watson Rd right at the intersection with Hwy 29. It is behind a fence on private land so viewing the bird could be difficult. Please do not trespass.

A recording of the Sedge Wren can be found HERE

Exact map to location of Sedge Wren HERE

On June 19-2019, Ilya returned to the same location and the bird was still singing in the same spot. Multiple observers saw the bird on June 19th as well.

This is the 5th record for the province of BC.

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