Sunday, September 29, 2019

RBA: BROWN BOOBY in Richmond - Sept 21-Oct 5th

At 8:30 am on Sept 29-2019 an adult female Brown Booby was photographed by Rick Zapf off the tip of the south jetty at Iona in Richmond.

The bird was first reported by Dan Pontalti and Grant Edwards on Sept 21-2019 but was never photographed. This is most likely the same bird.

Map to location HERE

This is the 18th record for the province of BC.

***The bird was last seen off the tip of the south jetty on Oct 5th. ***

*A scope or boat is required for this location. The best time to look for this bird is before 11am*

Brown Booby in Richmond (Oct 1, 2019) - Photos: Melissa Hafting
Brown Booby in Richmond (Oct 2, 2019)  - Photo: Kathryn Taylor

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