Tuesday, June 23, 2020

RBA: GRAY-TAILED TATTLER in Kitimat - June 23-26th

At 6:15pm on June 23-2020, Joachim Bertrands and Christian Kelly found a Gray-tailed Tattler in the NW section of Minette Bay. Walter Thorne took photos of the bird with his camera and a recording was obtained by Joachim. They watched the bird in the same spot up until 9pm.

Directions: When coming from Terrace, turn left on Kitimat Village Rd. Follow the signs to Minette Bay Lodge, then go past it (do not turn onto private construction roads) to the parking area on the water at the end of the road. Walk to the end of the spit in front of the log booms.

Map to exact location of bird HERE

The bird works the log boom at high tide. At low tide it is on the mudflats. A scope is helpful.

Recording is HERE

The bird was last seen in the same location on June 26th and has been viewed by multiple observers.

***The bird was not relocated on June 27 or 28th, despite multiple observers looking.***

This is the first record for BC and Canada.

A CBC news story on the bird can be found HERE a radio interview on CBC  news can be found HERE (scroll to 1 hour and 41 mins)

*As per current Public Health directives due to COVID-19 - Please remain 2 metres apart when viewing this bird. Please follow all public health directives (including not birding in groups) during this pandemic. The BC Public Health directives can be found HERE*

**eBird's statement on how to bird mindfully during the pandemic can be viewed HERE.**

Gray-tailed Tattler in Kitimat - Photos: Jeff Dyck

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