Tuesday, July 28, 2020

RBA: WHITE-WINGED DOVE in Tofino - July 26-28th

On July 26-2020, Eileen Floody found a White-winged Dove coming to a feeder in her backyard at her home on First Street between Neill St. and Arnett Rd.

The homeowner is allowing local Tofino birders to come visit but not outsiders due to COVID-19. If you live locally please contact the RBA and I will put you and the homeowner in touch. Outside travel to Tofino to attempt to view this dove is discouraged.

The bird was last seen in the same location on July 28th. It was not relocated on July 29th.

This is the 22nd record for the province of BC.

*As per current Public Health directives due to COVID-19 - Please remain 2 metres apart when attempting to view this bird. Please follow all public health directives (including not birding in groups) during this pandemic. The BC Public Health directives can be found HERE*

**eBird's statement on how to bird mindfully during the pandemic can be viewed HERE.**

White-winged Dove in Tofino - Photos: Eileen Floody

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