Monday, September 28, 2020

RBA: BLACK PHOEBE near Brentwood Bay - Sept 28-Dec 11th

At 10:55am on September 28, 2020, Donna Ross found a Black Phoebe sitting on a fence on the Willow Way Trail at Maber Flats.  She viewed the bird close up through her binoculars and although was not able to get a photo described the bird well. She last saw the bird moving south down a hedgerow.

Map to location HERE

On Sept 29th, Veronica Goidanich relocated the bird and photographed it HERE on the Willow Way Trail.

The bird continues on Dec 11th and has been viewed by multiple observers.

This is the 31st record for the province of BC.

**As per current Public Health directives due to COVID-19 - Please remain 2 metres apart when viewing this bird. Please follow all public health directives (including not birding in groups) during this pandemic. The BC Public Health directives can be found HERE*

**eBird's statement on how to bird mindfully during the pandemic can be viewed HERE.**

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