Wednesday, December 23, 2020

RBA: Probable ARCTIC LOON in Sechelt - Dec 24-25th

At 10:45 am on Dec 24-2020, Rand Rudland found a probable Arctic Loon off Wakefield Beach in Sechelt. The bird was loosely associating with 40 Pacific Loons. The bird was two thirds the way out between the beach and the north end of Trail Islands. He viewed the bird by bins and then by scope and noticed it did not have a chin strap. He also noticed the white flank patch. The bird never preened or dove for 15 mins straight, as it rested calmly on the water.

On Dec 25th, he returned and refound the bird in the same location but viewed it this time from the nearby beach access off Lewarne Lane. The white flanks were apparent as he watched the bird for 20 mins (it was not preening or diving) and he still did could not see a chin strap.

Photos obtained are suggestive of Arctic Loon but do not show conclusively that there is no chin strap.

Map to location of where to scope the bird from is HERE and the bird was swimming HERE

If confirmed this is the 4th photographed record for BC.

*As per current Public Health directives due to COVID-19 - Please remain 2 metres apart when viewing this bird. Please follow all public health directives (including not birding in groups) during this pandemic. The BC Public Health directives can be found HERE*

***There is a public health order effective now until Feb 6, 2021 restricting non-essential travel from your local health region to anywhere in the province or elsewhere in Canada. It also requires you to limit those you gather with to your core bubble. You can read it HERE***

**eBird's statement on how to bird mindfully during the pandemic can be viewed HERE**

Probable Arctic Loon in Sechelt - Photos: Rand Rudland

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