Saturday, March 27, 2021

RBA: HOODED ORIOLE in Sidney - Feb 16th-March 17th

A photo of a male Hooded Oriole taken by S. Coe in his private yard in the 2000 block of Bradford Ave in Sidney; was submitted to the Peninsula News Review on March 25, 2021. The bird was visiting Mr. Coe's hummingbird feeder daily from Feb 16-2021 but has not been seen for ten days now. It was initially misidentified as an American Goldfinch; hence why the word did not get out right away.

However, when Barbara Begg and Ann Nightingale noticed the bird in the local paper, they notified the homeowner on what a rare bird he had actually found.

This is the 24th record for the province of BC.

Male Hooded Oriole in Sidney - Photo: S. Coe

Photo of a male Hooded Oriole in Sidney - Photo: S. Coe/ Peninsula News Review

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