Thursday, May 27, 2021

RBA: BLACK-THROATED SPARROW in Coquitlam - May 27-28th

At 7:30 pm on May 27-2021, David Schutz found an adult Black-throated Sparrow in one of the farthest east garden plots at the community gardens at Colony Farm. The bird was present for a minute and then flew west into the bushes and he couldn't relocate it as of 8:30pm.

Map to first location HERE

The bird was last seen HERE and HERE as of 9:30pm on May 28th and was viewed by multiple observers.

The bird was not relocated on May 29th despite multiple observers looking.

This is the 51st record for the province of BC.

***There is a public health order now in effect until at least June 15th banning non-essential travel from your local health region to anywhere in the province or elsewhere in Canada. The fine for breaking this order is 575$. You can read it HERE***

*As per current Public Health directives due to COVID-19 - Please remain 2 meters apart when viewing any birds on this list during this time. Please follow all public health directives during this pandemic (including not birding in groups, please wear a mask if you are unable to social distance). The BC Public Health directives can be found HERE*

**Please wear a mask when viewing rare birds when social distancing is not possible or hard to maintain**

**eBird's statement on how to bird mindfully during the pandemic can be viewed HERE.**

Black-throated Sparrow in Coquitlam - Photo: Mike Farnworth

Black-throated Sparrow in Coquitlam - Photo: David Schutz

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