Saturday, May 28, 2022

RBA: MANX SHEARWATER in Ucluelet - May 28th

At 7am on May 28-2022, Ian Cruickshank found a Manx Shearwater flying NW 1 km out from Amphitrite Point.

He viewed the bird through his scope and described it as the following: “small shearwater with long/slender wings and noticeably snappy, fast wingbeats (a few beats at a time interspersed with long glides, of course); at distance appeared entirely clean white from throat to undertail, contrasting dark upper half to head, uniformly very dark upperwings and upperparts, underwings mostly pale but could make out dark borders. Smaller bird with quicker/snappier wingbeats than solo PFSH seen earlier today.”

Map to location HERE 

This is the 73rd record for BC.

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