Wednesday, November 30, 2022

RBA: PROTHONOTARY WARBLER in Vancouver - Nov 30-Dec 6th

**UPDATE: In May 2023 the bird was banded and released successfully into the wild.****

*This bird has been captured by Wildlife Rescue Association and is currently in their care. It will be released in Vancouver in the spring. Please see the Press Release HERE **

At 2:30pm on Nov 30-2022, Peggy Mersereau photographed a Prothonotary Warbler at a private home in Vancouver.

On Dec 1-3rd, the bird was relocated at a public park (Riverfront Park) at the end of Jellicoe St and has beeen viewed by multiple observers.

Please be respectful of private residences in the area. Please do not point cameras at private homes. 

Map to location seen HERE and HERE

The bird was not relocated on Dec 4th, despite multiple observers looking.

The bird was seen Dec 6th in the underground parking area of a nearby apartment complex. This area is off limits to birders.

**The bird was captured by Wildlife Rescue Association on Dec 6th and is currently in their care.***

This is the 11th record for BC and 2nd record for Metro Vancouver. It is also the first winter record for Canada.

Prothonotary Warbler in Vancouver - Photo: Melissa Hafting
Prothonotary Warbler in Vancouver - Photo: Peter Candido


  1. Where is the closest place that it breeds. Only familiier with this species in Canada, at Rondau Provincial Park in Ontario in the late 60's

    1. These birds nest in tree cavities in wet woodland swamps, in Canada breeding only in southern Ontario at Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. It is listed as endangered in Canada. In the US they breed in the lower Midwest, Middle Atlantic states, and Southeastern US states. It winters in Central and South America. It is accidental vagrant in BC and WA.

  2. This little Prothonotary Warbler has found its way into my underground parkade and gotten trapped! Anyone know what I should do?
    I live in the building many of you bird folk were hanging around this weekend. Any suggestions welcome. For now I'm going to put out some fresh water and seeds.

    1. Sorry I didn't see this message until today when reviewing comments I am glad you contacted WRA and the bird is safely now in their care. Thanks for caring about this bird!

  3. Glad to hear it’s in the care of Wildlife Rescue. I was among the many bird folk looking for it on the weekend. In the span of an hour and a half, I saw 3 loose roaming cats near the condos where the bird had last been seen. I was worried it had fallen prey.

    1. It is a shame people won't keep their cats indoors it is safer for their cats too and of course the birds :(