Sunday, May 7, 2023

RBA: WHITE-TAIlLED KITE in Langley - May 7-8th

At 5 pm on May 7-2023, Phil Henderson found a second year White-tailed Kite on 264th St in Langley.

Map to location HERE

This appears to be the same bird seen in the Skagit area near Edison, WA on May 6th.

The bird continued in a field HERE on 84 Ave near 264th St as of 6:30pm and was viewed by multiple observers.

The bird flew off high and to the southwest at 7pm on May 7th.

On May 8th - Steve Lambert relocated and photographed the bird HERE off of the Nathan Creek Dyke.

The bird continued at 5pm HERE and was also seen HERE at 4:30pm. 

The bird continued perched in a tree HERE as of 7:30pm and was viewed by multiple observers before it was chased off by crows to the SW.

**The bird has not been relocated on May 9th, despite multiple observers looking.**

White-tailed Kite in Langley - Photo: Andrew Boycott

White-tailed Kite in Langley - Photo: John Gordon

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