Sunday, November 5, 2023

RBA: ORCHARD ORIOLE in Victoria - Nov 5-28th

At 8:30am on Nov 5-2023, Geoffrey Newell found a female Orchard Oriole in Victoria.  The bird is frequenting Blackberry and Ivy bushes along Radcliffe Lane near McMicking Park. It was also seen on Radcliffe Lane near Hood Lane.

Map to locations the bird has been seen at HERE and HERE

Birders should opt to park on Beach Drive near Hood Lane as there are only 3 parking spots on Radcliffe Lane. Please do not block driveways and be respectful of private residences. 

The bird is being viewed by multiple observers HERE and at the original location near the park and small parking lot on Radcliffe Lane on Nov 6th.

On Nov 7-28, the bird continued at the original location HERE.

The bird has not been relocated since Nov 28th, despite multiple observers looking.

This is the 12th record for BC.

Orchard Oriole in Victoria - Photos: Les Peterson

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