Peace Region and Far North

To report rare birds and interesting sightings in the region please email Chris McDonald at cmcdonald21@hotmail.comPlease attach any notes or photographs if possible. 

Ferruginous Hawk (Unconfirmed)
Location: 208 Rd (Dawson Creek)
Reported: Dec 7th (Evan Pye)
2nd possible sighting of the bird. Braden Rd Dec 14th (Doug Martin)

Little Gull  (Unconfirmed)
Location: Big Lake on Jackfish Lake Rd - Near Moberly Lake
Reported Oct 28 (Evan Pye)
Photos HERE
Map to location HERE

Red-throated Loon(5)
Location: Charlie Lake
Reported: Oct 27-28 (Chris Coxson)

Ruby-throated Hummingbird (1 male)
Location: Behind grain silo on Johnson Road (Taylor)
Reported: June 13-14 (BCFO field trip)
Map to location Here

Double-crested Cormorant (12)
Location: North Sewage Lagoons
Reported: June 13 (Chris McDonald)

Nashville Warbler
Location: 6kms west of the Halfway river along highway 29.
Reported: June 3 (Evan Pye)

White-rumped Sandpiper
Location: North Sewage Lagoons (Fort St John)
Reported: May 28 (Steve Ogle et al)

Yellow-billed Loon
Location: Big Lake
Reported: Nov 13 (Evan Pye)

Western Screech Owl
Location: Chetwynd
Reported: Nov 3 (Evan Pye)

Sabine's Gull
Location: Near the Honda Dealership (Fort St John)
Reported: Oct 6 (Evan Pye)

Anna's Hummingbird
Location: Fort St John
Reported: Oct 2-5 

Tropical Kingbird (1st Interior Record)
Location: 41St NE at the end of The Rodeo Subdivision that backs onto a grassy field - Chetwynd
Reported: Sept 27 (Penny Hall)

Photo: Penny Hall

Ruddy Turnstone
Location: Fort St John South Sewage Lagoons
Reported: July 30 (Michael Shepard)

Location: Jackfish Lake Rd
Reported: July 1 (Evan Pye)

Prairie Falcon 
Location: Braden Road
Reported: May 5 (Evan Pye)

Wood Duck (2)
Location: Second oxbow lake on north side of highway half way to Pine Pass from Chetwynd
Reported: May 7 (Evan Pye)

Location: North Sewage Lagoons (Fort St John)
Reported: April 27 (Evan Pye & Michael Shepard)

Harris' Sparrow
Location: Dawson Creek
Reported: Jan 2, 2017 (Dawson Creek CBC)